#176 How a “Mystery” Blogger Selects Product to Feature

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Think you can’t keep a secret?

The blogger behind A Thousand Facets has hidden her identity for almost 9 years on her blog!

It’s so cool because she’s a big time blogger, but no one knows the woman behind the words.

Or maybe I should say, the woman behind the website – because her posts are mostly visual.

She’s still been able to build a following by showcasing the visual stories of other jewelry brands.

So let’s get to know A Thousand Facets.

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Jewelry Tells a Powerful Story

The reason she chose jewelry is because she feels the emotional connection to jewelry. When there’s a story behind your pieces, it’s memorable to your customers.

A Thousand Facets thinks jewelry has the power to create memories and stories all on their own. She loves vintage designs because of the stories they carry with them.

Getting Featured by A Thousand Facets

To get featured by A Thousand Facets, you need to be bold and a little outside the box. Following trends too closely won’t catch the eye of ATF.

She’s looking for designers who are so confident in their design they almost ignore the trends. And she finds them! There’s actually a backlog of designers waiting to get published on the site.

Exciting Things Behind the Scenes

A Thousand Facets is branching out from behind her computer screen! ATF is really all about stories, and this one is gonna blow your mind. Listen to the episode to get the full story on how she ended up partnering with a young opal cutter here in NYC.

His name is Loren and he ethically sources opals from reputable mines and cuts them into high quality stones for gorgeous jewelry. Check out Ancients17 on Instagram to learn more about it.

xo, Tracy

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