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Branding and Collection Development

#195 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies That Actually Work with Aggie Burnett

By Tracy Matthews / April 2, 2019

What are you waiting for? I asked my good friend Aggie Burnett, co-founder of Nomaterra fragrances, what she was waiting for to get to the next step in her business. Since her early 20’s, she’s nourished relationships with…

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#193 The BEST Sales Strategy That Attracts Repeat Sales & Buyers

By Tracy Matthews / March 19, 2019

Do you have 1000 True Fans?   Trust me, it’s A-OK if you don’t. But are you ready to have 1000 people eager, willing and ready to support your business this year?   I learned this philosophy from…

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#189 How to Avoid Burnout with Nina Cooper

By Tracy Matthews / February 19, 2019

Big goals + Big responsibilities = Burnout? It doesn’t have to!   Are you tired? Like really tired?   If you tell yourself “I’m busy but I’ve got this” then keep reading. I sat down with Nina Cooper,…

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#188 How To Protect Yourself From Health Hazards In Your Jewelry Studio

By Tracy Matthews / February 12, 2019

Is your studio healthy or hazardous? Here’s how to create the jewelry you love while keeping your health in check.   Yep, I get it! You LOVE making jewelry.   But did you know this creative career could…

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getting featured by bloggers

#176 How a “Mystery” Blogger Selects Product to Feature

By Tracy Matthews / November 20, 2018

Think you can’t keep a secret?   The blogger behind A Thousand Facets has hidden her identity for almost 9 years on her blog!   It’s so cool because she’s a big time blogger, but no one knows…

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professional photoshoot for less

#169 How to Create a Beautiful Branded Photoshoot on the Cheap with Karina Harris

By Tracy Matthews / October 2, 2018

Great photography helps elevate your brand and build trust with customers.   But a beautifully branded photoshoot? Not always affordable!   There are ways to do consistent photoshoots on a budget, just ask Karina Harris of Waffles &…

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#139 How to Create a Brand Video on a Budget

By Tracy Matthews / March 6, 2018

Creating connection with your future customer is so easy when you create a brand video. The most common myth I hear is “it’s too expensive!” Absolutely not, m’dear! I actually found a great deal on my brand video…

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#137 The Top 7 Takeaways from the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp

By Tracy Matthews / February 20, 2018

Over time, as you evolve in your business, changes must be made. Your goals are different, and your situation changes as your business grows. It’s a good thing, though! You become a different person than you were when…

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#135 How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Creative Time and Marketing Time

By Tracy Matthews / February 6, 2018

Getting organized is a huge factor in your business success. As a creative, it can be hard to know when to focus on what! I hear you, I actually struggle to focus on creative time because I know…

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#130 The 11 Key Elements of a Remarkable Brand Story (Hint: It’s Your Biggest Marketing Tool)

By Tracy Matthews / January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I am so thrilled about today’s episode! 11 key elements of a remarkable brand story, I know 11 sounds like a lot but trust me it’s totally…

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