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Archive for August 2015

My Favorite Business Books: Back to School Inspiration

We can’t believe it’s back to school time… As summer winds down, I always get the itch in September to learn something new or start something special in my business. Because September is the month to get back to school (or business)! We wanted to share some of our favorite ways for designers to “get back…

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Selling Tips For Designers Who Struggle With Sales

I’m a rare bird…I actually like sales. And of course, Robin does too! But I wasn’t always this way. I used to tremble before picking up the phone to make a call. I’d have butterflies in my stomach before a meeting with a store or a client (and quite honestly, I might have been a…

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Summer PR Resources

Last week, we mentioned that we are taking a few weeks off of blogging so that our team can take a little break. We all need a break at times… However, we will be sending you some inspiration and great reading/listening while we are away + we wanted to give you some resources to help make…

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If You’re Not Making Money on Instagram, You’re Doing It Wrong

Guest post by: Melissa Camilleri, Founder of Compliment, Inc. and the 21-Day Insta-course If you haven’t been living under a rock the past couple years, you’ll know that Instagram should be a key component to your online marketing strategy – especially in an industry as visual as the jewelry business! Engaging on Instagram is one…

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