6 Jewelry Designers Reveal the Secret to Rapid Success

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Do YOUR loved ones think you are CRAZY that you desire to follow your DREAM of becoming a successful jewelry designer?

OR maybe your friends and family give you loads of encouragement but they have awful advice and just can’t relate to YOUR STRUGGLES??

A LACK of support for your jewelry business DREAMS can feel like:

  • The SOLID ground is being ripped from under your feet
  • You are standing ALONE in the middle of a barren field with little possibility of survival
  • There is NO chance that YOUR dreams will become a reality

I felt the SAME way when I was just starting out. Luckily, I did have the emotional support of family and friends. However, I kept getting pretty bad or irrelevant advice that was setting me back- BIG TIME.

Over the years (there have been many), my loved ones couldn’t really offer the support that I needed and I was bummed out about it…plus I was driving them bonkers!

Honestly, (my sister and ex-husband can attest to this) I really wanted someone to tell me exactly what to do…

But back then, there was nobody who would..so I carved the path on my own and learned the hard way!

Can you relate?

Well, luckily we have created the solution! Everything you need to know to run a successful jewelry business is packed into the home study version of our Signature Course, Laying the Foundation.

If you feel isolated and alone, you DEFINITELY should check it out:

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We wanted to share with you the REAL LIFE stories of designers just like you who’ve accomplished what seemed to be impossible in the face of breast cancer, hobby not a biz syndrome, career burnout and more.

Below you are going to find some amazing stories that we hope will inspire you!

Ana Maria Andricain


In this video, hear how Ana Maria courageously:

  • Kept her business thriving even in the face of breast cancer
  • Marketed her business from her bed
  • Increased websales to $300-600 a day

Irina Zhan


In this video, Irina explains how she had the confidence to:

  • Quit her full time job to transform her hobby into a thriving business
  • Up her resources to amp up her design muscles
  • Attract Celebrity Fans and DREAM clients

Sienna Kittelman


After 15 years in the industry, Sienna:

  • Went from feeling isolated to supported
  • Doubled her business
  • Upped her confidence and transformed Personally & Professionally

Dani Keith


In this Video, Dani reveals the secret to how she:

  • Grew her small core group of clients to a big base of raving fans
  • Tripled her sales by focusing on her DREAM clients
  • Changed her approach to business via mutual support

Julia Parker


In this video, Julia reveals how she:

  • Experienced huge revelations that changed her mindset
  • Gained confidence to price her jewelry for profits
  • Increased her profitability within weeks

Sara Pocius


In this Video, Sara uncovers how she: 

  • Realized wide was better than deep (in a good way)
  • Expanded her collection the RIGHT way to attract a bevy of raving fans
  • Ditched the jewelry marketing learning curve
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Thank you so much for watching these stories of success! 

In the comments below, I would love for you to tell me the following: 

  1. What does a LACK of support and applicable business advice feel like to you?
  2. How were you inspired by THESE stories? 

If you are ready to ditch the solitude and FAST TRACK to jewelry business success! Enrollment is NOW open for Laying the Foundation Home Studybut NOT for long.


and see what all the fuss is about!

xo, Tracy & Robin