Tracy Matthews

Why I’m Done with Consignment

By Tracy Matthews / October 31, 2012

Author: Megan Eckman When 2013 rolls around, I’ll be pulling out of every consignment shop (save one – but more on that later). You probably think I’ve lost my mind but there are 5 BIG reasons why I’m…

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Designer Spotlight: Rita Sunderland

By Tracy Matthews / October 26, 2012

A brief story of what you do and why you do it. I married an artist and that has allowed me great freedom. It has also changed how I look at creating works of art. I start with…

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When Does Drawing Inspiration Go Too Far?

By Tracy Matthews / October 24, 2012

Author: Tracy Matthews The other day, my friend, Melissa, and I were having a conversation. Not only is she a famous jewelry designer, but a long time friend and now one of my yoga students (triple bonus). She…

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You’re Invited to a Free Branding Call with Laura Garnett

By Tracy Matthews / October 23, 2012

Due to the overwhelming response, we are having a FREE call with Laura Garnett the Business Matchmaker. Laura is a branding expert who is a master at helping entrepreneurs uncover their Zone of Genius! WHAT Genius Brand Barrier #1 – This…

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3 Quick Tips to Help Prep for the Holidays

By Tracy Matthews / October 22, 2012

Guest Author: Meagan Visser You know the holidays are the busiest shopping season of the year, but did you know that the most money exchanged for goods occurs between November 1st and December 26th? Did you know that…

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Designer Spotlight: Jeanette Walker

By Tracy Matthews / October 19, 2012

How did you get into jewelry design? I fell into making jewelry on a whim. I was working as a bartender in my early 20’s and I needed to make a Halloween costume for serving at an event.…

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The 3 Things You Should Never Do When Designing Your Jewelry Collection

By Tracy Matthews / October 15, 2012

Yes, it’s true. Design is an interpretation of art and creativity. However, if you want to have a successful jewelry brand & business, you need to take into account some of the things that you should never do…

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Designer Spotlight: Christine Thatcher

By Tracy Matthews / October 12, 2012

A brief story of what you do and why you do it. I’ve always been artistic, as a young child, drawing horses over and over until I got it just right. Out of high school, it was a…

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Zone of Genius + Business Matchmaking = Your Best Business

By Tracy Matthews / October 10, 2012

You are talented, you make lovely jewelry. People want to buy it. That’s enough, right? The answer: sort of. It’s a fact: people who combine their innate talents with their greatest passion are the best at what they…

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How to Find Your Perfect Clients – Tips from Meagan Visser

By Tracy Matthews / October 8, 2012

Last week I had a great interview with Meagan Visser of We had a lot of fun chatting about the tricks for finding your ideal clients online. Listen to this fun podcast. Pretty awesome stuff, huh? Believe…

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