Be Famous: How To Showcase Your Designs


Author: Beth Smith

Your products are an extension of you. You love them. You create them. They reflect you and your passions. So, don’t just shuttle them off into a corner and hope to “sell them one day.” You need to give them a platform, showcase them like they were the freaking crown jewels! Because, your products deserve at least that.

Below is a list of resources to help you showcase your business and your products! Stay tuned for more guides on how to use these outlets to market yourself, your style and your products.

Kickstarter: Owned by Amazon, Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. There are categories for fashion and design. So, if a lack of funding is holding you back, set up on Kickstarter and connect with people just passionate about your products and success as you are.

Twitter: This may seem obvious, but you want to be out there, sharing your pictures and designs and with like-minded people. Be sure to check out our top 50 fashionable Tweeters.

Pinterest: Even if you aren’t a designer, get thyself on Pinterest! If you already are on, use it!

Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger: Setting up a website can be complicated and frustrating, especially if you are a newbie to HTML. But sites like Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger make it easy for you to showcase you and your products even if you don’t know your URLs from your BRBs.

Instagram: Take pictures of your products and the things that inspire you and share them via Instagram. Instagram is a photo community of artists, designers, stylists, and of course regular old people too. But you never know who’s looking at your pictures of your products.

Online communities: There are thousands of online communities out there to help inspire and encourage you. Like us, for example. But we especially love Flourish and Thrive academy!

Hybrid Her: We had to include this one, because we have an online platform that gives you a place to showcase you and your designs in a easy-to-use format. Learn more here.

Tell us your favorite way to showcase your designs using social media websites in the comments below!


How to showcase your products like they are the freaking crown jewels! via @flourish_thrive w/ @hybrid_her

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