#172 Strengthening Your Inner Fitness with Patricia Moreno

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Business and life are integrated in so many ways.

How we feel about ourselves and what kind of lens we view business through shapes our ability to actually succeed.

Working that inner confidence muscle is exactly what our guest is going to help us work through today.

I hope that you're inspired by what Patricia Moreno is sharing today! She’s the founder of Spiritual Fitness and the creator of the IntenSati method.

She struggled with her weight for years. After realizing enough was enough, she created her signature workout, the IntenSati method.

She shares more about it in the episode!

Plus, tips and truths to believing you have everything you need to succeed already within you.

What an empowering thought, right?

Let’s get started!

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Unworthiness is a Spiritual Problem

Our bodies don’t make us unworthy. In fact, no physical part of who we are can make us unworthy. So when it comes to unworthiness, we’re trying to fix a spiritual problem with a physical solution.

Your art, business, designs, do not make you good enough – you get to decide if you’re worthy. Once you decide you are worthy, other people notice and follow your lead. So the key is to stop waiting for permission to feel worthy.

Check in with Your Inner Voice

That inner voice, that inner critic is influenced by everyone you talk to. Maybe it’s your mom, or dad, or friends. But if you don’t “edit” that voice – you end up carrying around beliefs you inherit from other people. A lot of times, these beliefs aren’t serving you well.

It’s very difficult to change the direction of your life and business without consistently creating a supportive inner voice. Patricia talks about this in depth on the episode, make sure you listen in!

What’s Your Self Concept

Which words follow the phrase “I am” for you? What do you believe you are? Telling yourself, “I can never do that” or “no one would ever pay that” or “I’m not good enough to do that” becomes your reality.

Patricia challenges us to change that self concept and re-write the story we believe about ourselves. It’s like they say, when you believe it – you can achieve it!

Make sure to check out her new program and get on the waitlist for Sati365.

xo, Tracy

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