Why Father’s Day Reminds Me of The Day I Bet on Myself and My Jewelry Business

Tracy's Dad Story

It was when I was trying to convince my dad that taking a job as a head designer at a $400M jewelry company was a bad idea… that I found clarity for myself and jewelry business.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

My jewelry business had just been wiped out by the 2008 recession, and I was struggling financially, trying to start over from scratch. 

Then one day, I got a job offer for the head designer of a $400M jewelry company. 

I was walking down Wooster Street in Soho, mulling it over, when my dad called out of the blue. He never called me just to chit-chat, so I quickly answered thinking something was wrong. 

“Hey, Dad! Is everything ok?”

“Yes, of course! he replied Hi, Trace, how you doing?”

He paused, “I'm good. It's kinda funny… I just left a job interview for a head designer position at a $400 million jewelry company.”

“Maybe you should take the job…?”

Maybe you should take the job…? My heart sank. In my mind, his words meant he no longer believed in me. 

I immediately jumped to with ALL the reasons why I should NOT take the job. Like I'll be capping my income, vacations are limited to two weeks, a 9-5 schedule would rob my precious time to grow my business. Plus, I would have to stop teaching yoga, which I loved! 

In that moment, I realized I wasn’t trying to convince him, I was trying to convince myself.

My bankruptcy had shaken me, and the fear was creeping in. I wanted financial stability  badly that I was ready to give up on my business

But I knew that if I gave up, I'd lose the essence of who I am – a creative entrepreneur.

That brief conversation with my dad triggered me to go all in and bet on myself. 

Building a Profitable Jewelry Business from Scratch

That conversation stopped me in my tracks and finally gave me the courage to go all-in on my jewelry business.

Even though I was afraid, I focused on what I could control to rebuild my brand and grow my audience.

I hustled and leveraged the power of my website as a sales tool. I spent 18 long months dricing traffic to it before I started to see results.

Slowly but surely, I landed a new clients who started referring me out. I gained momentum, and after a long hard struggle, I was back in the game, scaling my business.

By March 2011, I was taking home $30K in profit per month! I was pumped because it was the most I had ever made, at that time.

Since then, I have continued growing my jewelry sales and ventured into other businesses. I've sold over $8M worth of jewelry throughout my career, and continue to leverage the power of online marketing and an omnichannel business.

Plus, I've connected with some of the best mentors in the industry. Together, we built Flourish & Thrive Academy, a community of like-minded jewelry designers who help each other achieve success. With an army of experts, budding creatives, and entrepreneurs, we’re always refining our strategies and stayinged ahead of the curve. We want our students’ business decisions to be driven by, so they’re not second-guessing while scaling to 7+ figures and beyond.

How to Build a Profitable Jewelry Business Online

We teach our students to pay close attention to traffic, conversion, and customer loyalty when it comes to online growth. Standard sales conversion is 1% of visitors., Sso if you'd like to make 1 sale per day, you should aim for at least 100 visitors (traffic) to your website a day, and 3,000 visitors in a month.

We also teach our student to put systems and automation in place, turning their websites into a sales machine churning profits 24/7.

In the spirit of “community over competition,” we collaborate to identify what works or no longer works, the latest social media growth hacks, and the up-and-coming trends specific to the jewelry industry.

But that’s not enough, The industry is changing faster than ever, so we help each designer in our community to build a solid foundation for their business to make sure it’s recession-proofed and set up to thrive in the long run.

I share my proprietary methodology, The Desired Brand Effect, which is a distillation of everything I've learned from 25+ years in the jewelry industry.

Through the Desired Brand Effect, a supportive community, and expert mentors, we've helped more than 8,000+ designers, makers, and creatives achieve their vision of success. ensuring a thriving business that will last a long time.

Preparing for What's Ahead

At Flourish & Thrive, we take a holistic approach to launching and growing jewelry businesses. We tackle mindset, proper planning, and strategy, ensuring a thriving business that will last a long time.

And even if the slow summer season comes, we're still rockin' it, and crushing our plans for the holiday rush!

Remember when I said that Father's Day reminds me of my jewelry business origins?

It's not just my dad triggering me to bet on myself; it's also because Father's Day marks the start of the slow summer season. But if you use your time wisely, you could turn this into an opportunity to prepare to make a killing during the holidays.

So if you're a jewelry designer, maker, creative, or product-based business owner who wants to learn a simple system to supercharge your sales online

I highly encourage you to bet on yourself, like I did!

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Let me help you save time and achieve financial security doing what you love.