Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Peggy Li

By Tracy Matthews / September 28, 2012

A brief story of what you do and why you do it. I love jewelry design because I’ve always loved working with my hands and jewelry making provides instant gratification! With only a few simple tools and materials,…

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Designer Spotlight: Chelsea Farmer

By Tracy Matthews / September 14, 2012

I’ve always had a passion for arts. I grew up painting, drawing, sewing, and learning new crafts on a weekly basis. I always knew I wanted a creative career I just wasn’t sure how to obtain that. My…

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Designer Spotlight: Nancy Troske

By Tracy Matthews / September 7, 2012

Brief Story I’ve been attracted to ancient civilizations since I was little and my grandparents, who lived across the street from the Brooklyn Museum, took me there and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was fascinated by…

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Designer Spotlight: Sapna Mehra

By Tracy Matthews / August 31, 2012

How did you get into jewelry design? Iʼve always been interested and intrigued with how we, as individuals, make connections and build communities. I was able to delve deep into these concepts as a student of Comparative Literature…

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Designer Spotlight: Chelsea Bond

By Tracy Matthews / August 24, 2012

Are you ready to meet our very first featured designer? Introducing Chelsea Bond, the beautiful, and creative genius behind Red-I. Red-I is a travel-inspired, destination wedding, jewelry line. She designs breathtaking necklaces, gorgeous barefoot sandals, and much much…

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