Wholesale Strategies

#210 How to Recession-Proof Your Business

By Tracy Matthews / July 16, 2019

Today’s topic is very close to my heart: recession-proofing your business.  If you’ve listened to my story, you know my first business got wiped out by the Great Recession of 2008.  I used to carry a lot of…

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#203 What YOU Need to Know in 2019 About the Current Wholesale Climate with Robin Kramer

By Tracy Matthews / May 28, 2019

This week is Robin’s birthday! I’m so excited to be chatting with her about the rapidly changing world of wholesale… Robin is our go-to girl in this department… She’s our wholesale and sales expert. And in the 7…

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#194 How To Set Up Your Website For More Wholesale Orders

By Tracy Matthews / March 26, 2019

I might sound like a broken record but… Do you know what your BIGGEST sales tool is? So many people are still getting it wrong! Your website is your number one sales tool. It doesn’t matter if you’re…

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partnering with a wholesale jewelry supplier

Questions to Ask Yourself When Partnering with a Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

By Tracy Matthews / June 7, 2018

If you’re considering partnering with a wholesale jewelry supplier, there are some things you need to know. Maybe you’re wondering what a wholesale jewelry supplier even is or why you’d need one. When you start a jewelry business,…

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#151 Is Brick and Mortar Really Dead? How to Navigate the Crazy Changes Going on With Wholesale Right Now

By Tracy Matthews / May 30, 2018

Even though lots of people think retail is going away for good, there’s proof it’s not. In fact, brands like Warby Parker, which started out as an online brand, are actually opening stores across the country! There’s a…

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#103 How to Become a Better Copy Writer for Your Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews / July 25, 2017

Copy writing for a jewelry business is different from typical “online marketing” copywriting. Why? Selling physical products means you gotta have a lot of great words to paint a picture of your customers wearing your jewelry! You gotta…

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#95 How to Sell OOAK to Retail Stores

By Tracy Matthews / May 30, 2017

Think you can’t sell your OOAK designs to retail stores ?   That making one off pieces is only good for in person events or online sales?   Think again!   In this ever changing economy, store owners…

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#79 Sourcing Secrets to Save Your Sanity (and Some Serious Time)

By Tracy Matthews / February 7, 2017

Every new (or even seasoned) designer can struggle with being able to locate the perfect clasp or chain or gemstone (for the right price).   At times it might seem that there are too many options but other…

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#74 How to Make More, Sell More, and Get Noticed This Year

By Tracy Matthews / January 3, 2017

Think back to the last time you sold at a jewelry show. What do you do when someone comes up to your booth?   Did you hide?   I know you didn’t … but I’ve totally seen designers…

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#55 Converting Looky Loos Into Buyers at Live Events

By Tracy Matthews / August 23, 2016

Curious, have you ever heard about how Robin & I met?   Guesses?   Well, you might have heard this story before but we met at a trade show in 2006 called the ENK Accessories Circuit Show.  …

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