#194 How To Set Up Your Website For More Wholesale Orders

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I might sound like a broken record but…

Do you know what your BIGGEST sales tool is? So many people are still getting it wrong!

Your website is your number one sales tool.

It doesn't matter if you're selling e-commerce, if you're just selling to wholesale stores or if you want to do in person events.

If you have a janky website it’ll be much harder getting press coverage or getting buyers to actually believe in your brand!

And if you’re someone who LOVES wholesale as much as our co-founder Robin Kramer, you’ll want her help on how to simplify your website so people actually buy.

There’s so many easy resources to build your best website: Shopify (my favorite), Wordpress, Squarespace and the list continues.

But you’d be surprised how many mistakes jewelry designers make when trying to sell wholesale on their sites…

Let’s make sure you’re not making the same ones.

Listen to episode #194 How To Set Up Your Website For More Wholesale Orders with Robin Kramer


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Think about the website of one of your favorite designers.

What’s the homepage like? Is the navigation bar easy to poke through? If yes, emulate this!

You’ll need to decide what the focus of your website is.

Are you creating a portfolio platform for press, editors and wholesalers to find out more about your company?

Or are you someone who wants to only be selling e-commerce?

Maybe you’re looking to have a combination of both.

This is going to determine how you're setting up these tools for wholesale conversions.

An important tool would be a chatbot on your contact page and/or on your entire website.

That way you’ll be answering questions from your wholesale buyers and your direct to consumer buyers or retail buyers immediately right there in real time.

But even if you haven’t gotten that far yet, your landing page is still the best place to start and simplify.


Validation is super important as a designer!

According to Robin, having a stockist page — a page with the details of the stores you partner with — is a great way to validate who you are.

“It's a good selling tool that you can say, and I wouldn't do it for every stockist, I would do it for those same ‘spend X amount with us and we support you on our website'.”

Both small and large brands could benefit from throwing stores a bone. You could say something like…

This is what we do for our stores and we would love to put you on that program. So you're ordering every quarter and if this amount and that guarantees you a spot.

You can either place all of the stockists or ones placing large enough bets for a feature.

Why not request that they bring in $2000-4000 per year to be regularly featured?

Keep the bar raised and your expectations high!


The best wholesale website is one where the customers really see the product.

Your product needs to be the hero of the shot. It should be clean, sharp and professional.

This doesn’t mean you need to hire a professional photographer, either. Grab your smartphone and do some light editing with apps like Photoshop Express or VSCO.

You’ll also want good descriptions. What is your product made out of? Give your customers all of the information they’ll need to make a really good purchase.

But these tips only scratch the surface to building the best website for wholesale.

If you really want to learn how to make your website your BEST sales tool, listen to episode #194 How To Set Up Your Website For More Wholesale Orders with Robin Kramer

Let’s do this!

xo, Tracy

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