Email Opt-in Ideas for Jewelry Designers

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Just curious: How are you capturing visitors and browsers on your jewelry website? Creating a compelling, brand relevant opt-in offer is essential to staying in touch with potential clients who aren’t ready to buy.

Ciao from Italia!

One of the things I love about owning an online jewelry business is the flexibility and the ability to stay in touch with my clients from wherever I am in the world. It’s Murphy’s Law: whenever I travel abroad, I seem to get an influx of custom jewelry inquiries on my site. It never fails… The good news is I have my website and business set up in a way that I am able to continue moving clients into the sales funnel (for now or later) even when I am not physically in my office.

While every business is a bit different in how they collect potential leads, if you are serious about building an online jewelry business, you need to have a compelling way to stay in touch with browsers who are not ready to buy.

When I was selling off of my website, I had a great opt-in that converted loads of browsers into shoppers. It was awesome, because my email list was growing even while I was sleeping.

More and more of your DREAM clients are shopping online these days. However, not everyone is ready to buy right away…

This is precisely why having an enticing opt-in offer or mailing list sign-up is so important!

Today on the VLOG: I talk about some of my favorite ideas to collect leads with your email opt-in!

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That’s it for some of my favorite email opt-in ideas. Don’t forget to ask for in the very least a first name and an email address so you can customize your email correspondence, too!

I want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. What are you currently using as an email opt-in incentive?

2. Which is your favorite idea from the list above?

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