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Are you struggling to get more email subscribers? 6 Website tweaks to attract more DREAM clients


Are you frustrated because it seems like you are struggling to grow your email subscriber base? Are you missing leads from DREAM clients because you aren’t making it easy for them to stay in touch with you?

Like you, I had the same problem, a lovely website, but no one opting into my email list. I didn’t understand it. My site was beautifully designed and my jewelry was and is awesome. But still no dice.

Until I took an amazing marketing course and found out why!

I thought I would share with you one of the tricks I learned to convert more opt-ins on my custom jewelry website. Trust me, these same technique work if you are selling directly from your site as well (because I do that too).

And it starts with my mailing list placement. Before I learned how important the position of my form was, I struggled to get more email subscribers because my mailing list form was hiding. I was definitely getting ZERO love from the traffic that was coming to my website.

To insure that YOU get maximum subscriber success, here are 6 suggestions on where to place your email sign up form and some simple tweaks for your email sign up form:

1. Above the fold on the homepage of your website.

You want to make sure that your DREAM clients don’t have to scroll down in order to find your mailing list sign up.


Image Courtesy of SeaPonyStudios.com

Image Courtesy of SeaPonyStudios.com


2. Have an opt-in form on every page of your website.

You can vary the placement from the homepage to other pages if your email set-up allows. For instance, on my home page, my opt-in form is across the center and on the other pages, it’s on the upper right hand corner.


Image Courtesy of TracyMatthews.com

Image Courtesy of TracyMatthews.com

3. Make sure it’s visible and obvious what to do next.

Teeny tiny mailing list forms are hard to see…and people don’t know what to do next. Make sure that it’s obvious.

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4. Place an email sign up at the base of every blog post.

Blogs are a great place to drive traffic to your site. Your job as a marketer is to lead your clients through the funnel to collect their information. The easier it is for them to find the email sign up, the easier it is for you to collect their information. Especially if they like what you are writing about.


Image Courtesy of keltieleannedesigns.com

Image Courtesy of keltieleannedesigns.com

5. Add a lightbox to your homepage.

The ruling is out on lightboxes, some people despise pop up forms and others love them. You can decide. Just make sure that you offer your peeps an alternative and they aren’t squeezed to either opt-in or leave your site.


Images Courtesy of CharmandChain.com

Images Courtesy of CharmandChain.com



Image Courtesy of KendraScott.com

Image Courtesy of KendraScott.com

Images Courtesy of CharmandChain.com and KendraScott.com

6. Offer an enticing reason to sign up

A juicy opt-in offer gives your DREAM clients another reason to sign up just besides your pretty jewelry. Jewelry cleaning guides, lifestyle tips, free shipping, contest giveaway and so many more will help build your email list fast.


Image Courtesy of ToryBurch.com

Image Courtesy of ToryBurch.com



Image Courtesy of GardenofSilver.com

Image Courtesy of GardenofSilver.com

Bonus tip:

Make sure you collect a First Name in addition to an email address so you can personalize your correspondence.

I learned these tips from one of the best in online marketing. If you missed my training, How To Make More Money Online with Your Jewelry Business, make sure you check out the replay before March 5th. It’s totally free, plus I’ll tell you more about specific strategies I used to grow my jewelry biz.

If you haven’t checked out Marie Forleo’s B-School Program, you must. This is just ONE of the many tips I learned while taking her course that changed the direction of my jewelry business. If you are serious about growing your online jewelry business, this is a must see. You can also watch her FREE training series until March 5th.


In the comments below, answer the following:

1. How are you currently collecting subscribers on your website?

2. Which of these strategies did you like best?

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