#163 Top 10 Lessons Learned from a 5 Week Creative Sabbatical

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Growing your creative business starts with allowing yourself the space to be creative.

That might sound obvious, but as your business grows your attention gets pulled in all kinds of directions.

It’s important to remind yourself to create space for creativity!

Which is why I took a creative sabbatical earlier this year.

I learned a lot about myself and my team, and I’m excited to share with you how you can grow your jewelry business using my takeaways!

Let’s dive in!

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Embrace Spontaneity

When you’re open to new opportunities, you never know what will happen! A simple dinner getting pushed back or an unexpected change of plans can lead you to meeting really interesting people.

But only if you really allow yourself to take advantage. Sometimes you have to take risks and go with the flow in order to create these opportunities!

Set Proper Expectations

You might think something is obvious, when someone else has no idea what you’re talking about. As a business owner, if you’re working with contractors, piece makers, or even your customers, communication is key.

Everyone has their own way of getting things done, and if you want things to go well – you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. So setting expectations early and being consistent with those expectations helps everyone do their job well.

Allow Yourself to Do Nothing

Taking breaks is a necessary part of being creative. It’s impossible to be creative if your schedule is always booked back to back.

I’m not very good at relaxing, I always feel like I should be doing something! But when I finally allowed myself to stop thinking, stop learning, and stop doing…I was able to let go of all the things stressing me out and blocking me from creativity.

xo, Tracy


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