Happy Birthday to Tracy (2016 edition)!


Hello from Asheville… it’s true…tomorrow is my birthday!.

Robin surprised me about 4 times with birthday cakes at dinners and lunches… already.

I was literally surprised every single time!

At first, I was kind of like… “Robin, come on! We already celebrated.”

But I eventually just embraced it. There's no stopping her because she knows how much I love my birthday!

And how much I love celebrating….


To continue the celebration, I’ll be spending my birthday “week” in Italy!

I am so excited for this trip. After some recent jewelry biz craziness, it will be good to step away and recharge my batteries…

(and yes, I’ll definitely share some pictures with you!)

But I also love birthdays because I love to give gifts!

So today I have 1 FREE gift for you + 1 exciting opportunity!

Let’s start with the FREE gift…

The beginning of summer can be stressful time for designers because, for most of us, the slowest sales season of the year is approaching.

So I’ve put together two meditations that will guide you through the process of confronting your feelings of overwhelm and then help you let them go!


Click here to download my Releasing Overwhelm Meditations

Ok, now for the exciting opportunity…

Our live event, Flourish & Thrive LIVE 2016, is coming in September!


It is going to be a TWO-day exclusive event in New York City including:

  • Keynote Speeches from hand-selected jewelry biz superstars
  • Live Discussion Panels with industry influencers (like retail buyers and PR experts!)
  • Hotseat Exercises and Breakout Sessions for individualized brand workshopping

We had planned to start ticket sales next week, but…

In honor of my birthday we are having an early-bird special!

For just this weekend (5/20 – 5/23) only you can get your ticket for just $295!

The regular ticket price is $395, so that’s 25% discount.

We are only releasing a very limited number of tickets — and we’ve already got nearly half the seats reserved — so don't wait!

Click here to discover more about Flourish & Thrive LIVE

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday! Have a great weekend!

xo, Tracy

p.s. It’s birthday season around here at F&TA so keep your eyes open for more great gifts coming very soon!