#41 How To Win A Grant For Your Jewelry Business with Hilary Halstead Scott

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It’s the saddest story in the jewelry industry-


A talented designer pulls the plug on their jewelry biz too soon because there’s nobody to come alongside them and teach them the business component of their creative passion.


It happens WAY too often in our field…but it doesn’t need to ever happen again!


Here’s why: You Are Not Alone in wanting your business to succeed.


That’s why today’s episode is so important.


Today I’m talking with Hilary Halstead Scott, president of Halstead Bead, about a fantastic resource that is available to You. (Yes, YOU!)




Specifically, Business Grants.


While there are many grant contests out there for small business, the grant we are talking about today that is super specific to the jewelry industry.


Make sure you listen to this Episode!!!


A well earned grant can be a life line to a new jewelry biz and a breath of fresh air for an established one.


Hilary and I will introduce you to an amazing opportunity for Your jewelry business to win this year’s $7500 Halstead Grant …


…and we will give you the inside scoop on how to have the competitive edge with your entry.


I can’t wait for you to hear all about it!


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Develop a Solid Business Plan


I know this topic sounds out of place in an episode about grants, but the most important thing you need to be competitive to win free money for your business is a solid business plan.


That sounds daunting; in fact, it’s the number one reason that most designers Don’t apply for grants.


But a business plan when you really boil it down is goal setting. It’s breaking down the pieces of what you need to do into manageable steps and actually setting targets for yourself. And the Halstead Grant application is designed to help you do that.


Don’t Give Up


Grant applications can be intense. The questions are incredibly detailed and can take a lot of time to answer. But that’s okay!


Here’s a tip from Hilary: approach one question at a time and set aside an hour a day to tackle your one question and really think about that specific topic. It makes the process a lot more manageable.


You will get to questions that are harder and outside of your comfort zone, but one of the most important things in the process is learning to seek resources and answers.


The Halstead Grant


This year’s 11th Annual Halstead Grant is accepting applications now! The prize is incredible:

· $7500 in cash
· $1000 in supply credit at Halstead
· A feature article in a new, annual grant publication.


And if that weren’t enough, the grant application will walk you through the process of creating an invaluable business plan for your own jewelry biz.


Click Here to learn all about the Halstead Grant and to apply! The deadline for entry is August 1, 2016, but you’re going to want to start your application as soon as possible.


And remember, this community is here to support you as you learn and implement sound business principles to grow your jewelry biz.


xo, Tracy Matthews
Chief Visionary Officer
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