#42 How to Get Your Jewelry in Stores: 12 Strategies to Increase Wholesale Sales

How to Get Your Jewelry in Stores: 12 Strategies to Increase Wholesale Sales

Do you remember when you were a kid and you dove (or fell) into the deep end of the swimming pool for the very first time?

Overwhelming + a little scary, right?

That’s the same feeling a lot of designers get when they think about establishing or even increasing wholesale sales for their jewelry biz.

And I totally understand…

Selling wholesale encompasses the whole spectrum of activities that are uncomfortable for a lot of creative designers.

From cold calls to the sales pitch to trusting a store with your inventory…it’s easy to see why a lot of jewelry biz owners decide to throw in the towel on wholesale before even trying it.

But, if you can master the art of selling wholesale it can open up doors to publicity, partnership, and SALES like you’ve never seen before.

So hopefully you're getting excited to discover how to get your jewelry in stores because I’m going to teach you!

On today’s episode I’m sitting down with my F&TA bestie and business partner, Robin Kramer!

Robin is the BIGGEST wholesale fan I know, and she backs up her love of wholesale with incredible wisdom on how to make it work brilliantly for You.

Together we will walk you through twelve very simple but thorough steps that have been proven to increase wholesale sales.

This episode is jam packed, so let’s dive right in!

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Strategy #1: Be Prepared

When selling wholesale it is so important to have a solid system in place for how to produce and sell your product. That sounds pretty basic right?

But when we say be prepared, we mean everything from sourcing dependable vendors to producing quality, properly priced inventory and everything in between.

Your process from beginning to end needs to be documented and understood by every person involved with your jewelry Before you even make your first wholesale pitch.

Strategy #2: Create a Stellar Line Sheet

Your line sheet should communicate Everything about your brand to the buyer in a short amount of time. You only get one first impression, right?

The goal of your line sheet is to take the guesswork out of buying and make it as easy at a glance for buyer to see why they should work with you!

(Sneak Peek… if you’re interested in learning more about line sheets make sure that you tune in next week!)

How to Get Your Jewelry in Stores- 12 Strategies to Increase Wholesale Sales

Strategy #3: Do Your Research

Selling Wholesale is all about creating a relationship with the store, so do your research! Learn what the store is buying to determine whether or not your line is a good fit before the buyer has to tell you.

And while you’re at it, pay special attention to birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions for the store. These are great opportunities to touch base and keep yourself top of line while creating a stellar relationship.

See, wholesale is fun!

Listen to today’s episode for all of the 12 strategies in depth.

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