#152 Like a Boss Part 1: How to Hire and Lead Your Team Professionally

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Your goal as a business owner is to only do the work you love.

It’s really possible if you learn how to hire a team of people who are super excited about your company!

The freedom that comes when you can offload some work that just slows you down is such a game changer.

For me, it allows me to travel for a month and not skip a beat in either of my businesses.

The most important part of growing a team (even a small one) is the be prepared long before you bring someone in the door.

A friendly boss is better than a bossy friend. Our guest, Hilary Halstead Scott, the president at Halstead Bead, is sharing how to define professionalism in your jewelry business with your first hires.

Let’s dive in to part one of this “like a boss” episode series!

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Hire for Your Time

When you’re hiring someone for your team, you’re paying to get your time back so you can do what you love! Having the right mindset is important when you bring on your first employee and there are a few questions to consider.

How much is your own time worth to you? What else can you put your energy towards to drive your business forward? Where are you wasting time or missing opportunities because you’re busy doing menial tasks?

Create Boundaries

It might seem like a good idea to hire a friend or family member, but that can lead to problems down the road. Sometimes hiring a stranger is going to be best, even if it seems scary! You never know when something isn’t going to work out or an issue comes up.

Being your friend’s boss can get awkward when expectations aren’t being met. So make sure if you want to hire a family member or friend make sure you create clear boundaries and expectations at the start. Then if it doesn’t end up being a good fit, you can save your relationship.

Be Ready Before You Interview

It might seem premature to write an employee handbook or systems before you hire someone, but it’s important to think about it from the beginning.

Write out your expectations and document your key processes, even in bullet points.  It's helpful so you know what you’re looking for in a candidate before you sit down for an interview. This helps you just as much as it helps your new employee!

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