#165 The Secrets of a Successful Influencer Strategy

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Using influencer marketing for jewelry brands to grow brand awareness can be really effective.


Maybe you’re not sure how to partner with influencers, or which ones?


You’re not alone! Influencer marketing is a new thing for small businesses, but it’s really been around for decades.


Ever since Michael Jordan became the celebrity face of Nike, brands have partnered with people to sell their product.


But you don’t have to pay a big time celebrity big bucks to use this strategy.


Which is why I invited my new friend and author, Brittany Hennessy, to tell you all about the secrets of a successful influencer strategy!


Brittany Hennessy is an author, influencer whisperer, TV commentator, and keynote speaker. She recently published a book titled, Influencer: building your personal brand in the age of social media and I’m thrilled to have her on the show with me today.



Get ready to learn all about influencer strategies and how to get on board with this new generation of marketing!


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Word of Mouth at Scale


Influencer marketing is not a trend or marketing tactic. This is really just the evolution of word of mouth marketing. It's really word of mouth marketing at scale. You can be endorsed by someone thousands of times with just one post! This is a way to reach your dream client even with all the ad blockers and fast-forwarding through commercials.


It’s a natural product placement and product endorsement. Credibility is the currency of influencers, so most of them are careful which brands they partner with. Influencers want to be aligned with brand values, brand aesthetic, and the culture of the company they're working with so their integrity and credibility isn't compromised.


Connecting with your Ideal Influencer


Brittany’s first piece of advice is making sure your house is in order before inviting guests. This means having your social media content and feeds updated and ready to represent both you and this influencer.


Don’t jump the gun before you’re ready. Get your website mobile friendly and double check to see if your Instagram on brand for them as well as you. Your visual brand needs to align just as well as your brand values.


Find influencers who are your dream client, chances are their audience is going to be more of your dream clients. If their followers can’t afford your jewelry, it’s not going to be a great match for either of you.


Can You Become an Influencer?


As a jewelry designer, you can partner with brands to promote their product! Even if you don’t have tens of thousands of followers, brands will partner with you if your followers pay attention to what you post.


Influence doesn’t always mean followers. If you have influence and can inspire people, you can find another stream of revenue by adding some brand sponsors to your business.


xo, Tracy




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