5 Things Missing From Your Jewelry Website That Are Costing You Sales

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Are you struggling with website sales? Do you wonder HOW to get people who browse on your site to actually buy?

The good news is, you are not alone. We seem to hear this a lot from jewelry designers. Then we look at their websites….

In fact, I was missing out on online sales left and right up until a few years ago.  I totally understand because I had one of those websites that was very “pretty” but the layout was actually costing me sales. With a few tweaks that I learned from my mentor, all of that changed.

Today, I wanted to talk about some of the missed opportunities that we consistently see on designer’s websites.

If you don’t have a website that is set up properly, you are more than likely losing the sale. Consider these 5 tips if you want to increase sales and attract more DREAM clients to your jewelry website.

1. A highly visible mailing list box

Having an opt in box or mailing list box above the fold or in a highly visible place on your website is essential! If you have a website template that has limited option for placement of your mailing list form, look into getting a lightbox, pop-up plug in. The light-box pops up after a potential client has been on your page for a few seconds.

2. Beautiful photos of your jewelry

Excellent product photography is a must–especially if you are selling online. Your products should be photographed ideally in front of a plain background. Jewelry can also be photographed in styled shots and on a model for added options of interest.

3. A Blog

Blogs are important for a few reasons: they help customers find you if they are googling something that you write about. They give the reader a taste of your brand. If written in alignment with your DREAM clients’ interests, you have the opportunity to meet people who might not otherwise find you. It’s also a great place to  write in detail about your inspiration and new products.

4. A captivating artist story

You artist or brand story is a window into who you are as a designer. It’s an opportunity to connect with your clients, to talk about your process and to highlight what makes you amazing!

5. A picture of the designer

Please don’t be shy! If you can’t swing a professional headshot session, have a friend take a picture of you in good lighting. Remember, this is your opportunity to showcase your unique beauty and characteristics. Ideally, it’s nice if we can see your face and that you look into the camera. It builds trust.

Building a website that converts sales is easier than you might think. A few strategic tweaks here and there can make all of the difference in the world.

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. Does your website have all of these elements? if not, which are missing?

2. If you are missing any of these features, what are you going to tweak?

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