Marie Forleo’s B-School Review: How B-School Changed My Life



A lot of you have been asking questions about Marie Forleo’s B-School so I wanted to write a little review to show you HOW B-School can help build your online presence…


At the end of the post, I reveal my B-School Bonus Suite for 2016!


Make sure you read until the end if you are seriously considering.



But first, if you are struggling to get “sales” on your website or to build your email list or to create a solid marketing plan for blogging and social media..keep reading.


After my first jewelry business failed, I realized that I needed to make a lot of changes if I wanted to build a sustainable business. I also knew that I needed to reach my clients online, I just didn’t know how…


I unsuccessfully tried a bunch of different strategies (had a beautiful website built, started social media channels, etc.),

but nothing was really catching on..


And then I stumbled upon Marie Forleo. My friend forwarded me an email with a super cool strategy to make some quick sales online. I tested it and it worked!


When she opened her B-School Program for the first time, I was hooked!


It was a life saver! Marie Forleo taught me everything I needed to know about building my jewelry business online.


Within 18 months I went from just $2000 in sales to $30,000 in profits in a single month + I had a waiting list of clients eager to work with me!




That was several years ago and I have used what Marie Forleo has taught me in her B-School Program to build a waiting list of clients for the past few years now.


You can have great success like this too, if you use the right tools.


That’s why, I wanted to walk you through some of the basics about B-School so you know a bit more about the program…

What is B-School and Who is it For?


B-School is an 8-week, online training program that teaches business owners effective marketing strategies and sales techniques to grow their online presence, create a business that is making money 24/7 and to help build a lifestyle that you love.


The course is catered to entrepreneurs who have existing products (jewelry), services or brick and mortar stores who want to leverage the power of the internet to expand their reach.


You might be thinking, I’ve taken social media or SEO trainings and I didn’t get results.


Well most likely you didn’t have a bird’s eye view of an entire business strategy that will help you specifically with your “online” business.


How is it Different From Laying the Foundation?


I get asked this question all of the time!


So I wanted to show you the difference between courses because they are quite different.


Laying the Foundation is a program specifically for jewelry designers and makers. We walk you through building a solid jewelry brand and focus mostly on jewelry industry specific topics like collection development, pricing, branding, industry specific sales and a marketing overview. The focus is on all types of jewelry business models. Not just ONLINE business.


Marie Forleo’s B-School is a program dedicated specifically to grow your reach and business, online. Sure she covers some of the same “topics” like Marketing and Sales. However, there is nothing as in depth as B-School for list building, content creation, marketing strategy and lead generation. If you are struggling to get more traffic and sales on your website, this course is for you.


How Can B-School Transform My Jewelry Business?


At the beginning of this post I shared how B-School helped transform MY business… and it can do the same for YOURS!


If you are TIRED of the hustle of relying on selling to friends and family, via the craft show circuit or to wholesale accounts who don’t pay, then you’ll likely want to sell more online.


With Marie Forleo’s support and training, that transition is guaranteed to be straight-forward, successful, and even fun!


B-School will help you to::

  • Gain Total Profit Clarity so You Can Focus Your Energy on Results
  • Build a HIGH Converting Website That Increases Your Online Sales Exponentially
  • Grow Your Email List so You Can Effortlessly Sell More
  • Create (and Implement) a Consistent Communication and Marketing Plan
  • Develop Partnership with Influencers Who Become Your Biggest Brand Advocates
  • Leverage Social Proof to Increase Your Desirability


Here are the stories from a few more jewelry designers with similar success.


Here's a quick example:


What Makes Marie Special?


As you might have heard, I am one of Marie Forleo’s biggest fans. Not because she is a well-respected “online celebrity” but because what she teaches actually works.


When I first signed up for B-School, I was super clueless as to why my website never really got sales except from people who found me in person like at sample sales or at live events. I had NO online game.


Why? Because I slapped up a pretty website that wasn’t set up for success and my marketing was not converting because it didn’t have a purpose.


Marie has a unique teaching style that is amazing. She has the ability to deliver information in a clear concise way that makes learning fun. Plus, she has really pulled out all of the stops to create a holistic program that is awesome for those of you who want a little side-hustle jewelry biz or even those of you who want to go big or go home.


Now, her teaching style is awesome, but might not be for everyone (yep, she’s super positive and funny and has a big personality).


The Course Content


You can view the entire course content over here.


Here is a quick overview:

B-School is released in weekly modules, you will receive easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and worksheets.


She covers the 6 Pillars of marketing your business online, including profit clarity, websites that sell and don’t suck, creating an awesome communication plan, solid list building strategies, how to create products and services that sell themselves, and marketing wisdom that will transform the way you promote your business.


B-School also includes “Office Hours” where you can ask all your burning business and marketing questions to Marie herself!


PLUS, you’ll be a member for life and can retake the course for free year-after-year.


Is it really worth the investment?


This is usually the biggest sticking point for emerging jewelry brands…


And that’s not a bad thing. Obviously if you are struggling to put food on the table, this probably isn’t the right time to invest.


But if you situation isn’t so desperate, I encourage you to consider this…


Don’t look at the B-School registration fee simply as the price for the course – consider it to be an investment in yourself, in your business, and in your future.


As you can see from my personal experience, the course has potential to pay itself back quickly and many times over.


It all started with a small leap of faith, and now I am living my DREAM scenario in my life AND in my business!


Last but not least…


Yes the curriculum alone is an insane value, but if you sign up through the links in this post I will also add on my own personal suite of B-School Bonuses!




Bonus # 1:: 1 Year Access to the Diamond Insiders Club

The Diamond Insiders Club is our exclusive membership program designed to support you on a daily basis with the best resources, mentors and community in the industry. Each month in the Club is a themed, curated experience. From hand-picked Guest Teachers In Residence to specially-created, in depth trainings, you will receive all the knowledge and support you need to run a successful jewelry business.


Bonus # 2:: Access to the F&TA’s Live Mastermind Event, June 2016 in NYC

Robin and I will be hosting a live Mastermind in NYC in June 2016, We’d love for you to join us! Nothing beats the power of an in-person connection. We’ll be hosting guest speakers, a panel of experts and mastermind experiences for the entire group, specifically catered to help your jewelry business flourish & thrive.


Bonus # 3:: Deep Dive Marketing Intensive Training 

My exclusive B-School Bonus will be released after B-School is over. I’ve designed this online training only for B-Schoolers in the F&TA community to teach you how to apply what you’ve learned directly into your jewelry business. No more trying to figure this out yourself!


Bonus # 4:: Private, Online Community for Designers

Connect with your fellow designers to share your successes, get feedback on your burning questions and bond with your fellow classmates. These intimate groups are a great way to get direct feedback from me and other designers. 


Bonus # 5:: My Personal Notes from the Program

I’ve never done this before, but realize that since Marie is revamping B-School, I’m going to take the course again right along with you. This way, I’ll get to learn a thing or two more about improving my online business strategy too! And I’ll take detailed notes along the way, which I will send to you at the end of the program.


Bonus # 6: Weekly Inspiration & Encouragement Along the Way!

I definitely don’t want to leave you hanging! That’s why every week, I pop in and send you some love-notes and inspiration to keep you motivated. Let’s stay on track together!


Combined Bonus Value…  $1,999 Join B-School Now!


Yes, I am a proud ambassador of B-School and I earn a commission on referrals. That’s why I am able to offer these insane bonuses to add more value to your experience.