#28: Advice From Marie Forleo of B-School

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On today’s episode, I had the pleasure of bringing on one amazing woman who I consider my mentor. She helped me rebuild my business from failure and bankruptcy to thirty thousand dollars in profits in an eighteen month period. My guest, Marie Forleo, is the founder of B-School, an online business academy that just opened up for enrollment for 2016.

I know we teach a lot of business skills over here at Flourish & Thrive Academy, but – even in just today’s podcast – Marie really delves deep into how to build your business specifically online. It’s a really great training about creating an amazing website presence, leading visitors to buy and so many other truly valuable pieces of advice I think you’ll really enjoy.

Click ‘play’ below and let’s dive into my 3 Biggest Pieces of Advice I Learned from Marie Forleo!

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1. “Marketing to Everyone” is the BIGGEST Mistake a Designer Can Make

“Everybody wants to feel understood,” Marie explained to me. “They want to feel like they’re an individual. They’re unique with their own quirks, their own kind of personality facets.”

The goal of your marketing should be to make customers think to themselves “Oh my goodness! I haven’t had someone understand me like this.” You want them to think your products and your brand was MADE for them. The only way to accomplish this? By, well, making it for them! Target all your marketing at your ideal, DREAM client avatar in order to attract those customers you want the most!

2. Communicating Value is the #1 Way to Lead Prospects to the Sale

Once visitors land on your site, you must, naturally, convince them that your products will provide value to them in some way in order to lead them to the sale. In the podcast (above), Marie and I give a few examples of brands that successfully learned to convert website visitors to customers by positioning themselves as the most valuable.

One amazing platform to communicate value with is your ‘About’ page and your brand story. According to Marie, you can communicate value in a million and one ways, including: images that demonstrate what you take a stand for; copy explaining why you make the things you make, what’s important to you, and how your value them as a customer,” and so much more. Beyond your “Home” and “About” pages, this messaging should be evenly dispersed throughout your website to ensure this value is communicated on every single page.

3. Every Type of Jewelry Business Can Benefit from an Online Presence

Regardless of your business model, you and every business owner must build their own direct relationship with their fans and customers by having smart and strategic online presence.

As Marie says in the podcast (above), “Being a savvy, modern marketer… is the best way to protect yourself and your business and here’s the reason why: Your direct relationship with your customers is the most powerful asset that you have.”

If you’re looking to really build a huge online presence for your business in a big way and really looking to take the next step in your jewelry business, check out Marie’s B-School course over at www.flourishthriveacademy.com/bschool2016

PLUS… we have a special Bonus Suite for everyone in our community who joins B-School…



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The Diamond Insiders Club is our exclusive membership program designed to support you on a daily basis with the best resources, mentors and community in the industry. Each month in the Club is a themed, curated experience. From hand-picked Guest Teachers In Residence to specially-created, in depth trainings, you will receive all the knowledge and support you need to run a successful jewelry business.

Bonus # 2:: Access to the F&TA’s Live Mastermind Event, June 2016 in NYC

Robin and I will be hosting a live Mastermind in NYC in June 2016, We’d love for you to join us! Nothing beats the power of an in-person connection. We’ll be hosting guest speakers, a panel of experts and mastermind experiences for the entire group, specifically catered to help your jewelry business flourish & thrive.

Bonus # 3:: Deep Dive Marketing Intensive Training 

My exclusive B-School Bonus will be released after B-School is over. I’ve designed this online training only for B-Schoolers in the F&TA community to teach you how to apply what you’ve learned directly into your jewelry business. No more trying to figure this out yourself!

Bonus # 4:: Private, Online Community for Designers

Connect with your fellow designers to share your successes, get feedback on your burning questions and bond with your fellow classmates. These intimate groups are a great way to get direct feedback from me and other designers. 

Bonus # 5:: My Personal Notes from the Program

I’ve never done this before, but realize that since Marie is revamping B-School, I’m going to take the course again right along with you. This way, I’ll get to learn a thing or two more about improving my online business strategy too! And I’ll take detailed notes along the way, which I will send to you at the end of the program.

Bonus # 6: Weekly Inspiration & Encouragement Along the Way!

I definitely don’t want to leave you hanging! That’s why every week, I pop in and send you some love-notes and inspiration to keep you motivated. Let’s stay on track together!

Combined Bonus Value…  $1,999

Yes, I am a proud ambassador of B-School and I earn a commission on referrals. That’s why I am able to offer these insane bonuses to add more value to your experience.

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