Maximum Impact at Holiday Craft Shows with Jenna Herbut

The holidays are coming upon us more quickly than we think!

It’s time to start preparing for the holiday season! Our topic for the week is “Preparing for the Holidays” and it all starts today.

My friend, Jenna Herbut, of Make it University and Make It Productions popped on the line with me to chat about making the most out of the holiday in person and craft events where you might be selling your products and how to display jewelry at craft shows.

Watch the video below and check out what this Craft Maven has to say about making the maximum impact at holiday craft shows.

Just to Recap here are the most important points:

  1. Get as organized and prepared as possible
  2. Bring Gift Items (price point)
  3. Engage the customers (flattery always sells)
  4. Attitude is everything (be genuine and have fun!)
  5. Never give up!

Tell us how you prepare for maximum impact for craft shows? What’s worked? What hasn’t worked? How has your attitude helped you kill it in sales? What questions do you have about craft shows?

We want to know so please tell us in the comments below!

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