What selling on QVC taught me about Value (and how to communicate it)

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Several years ago, I landed a HUGE order for QVC. I was so excited to be working with them, as it was going to open up my designs to an entire NEW breed of clients.

Before my first show aired, I was required to participate in a sales training. Even though I had done some of the exercises before unintentionally, the trainer for the group had us go through exercises to identify WHY people buy jewelry!

I am going to paraphrase, but one of the first things she said was:

“Let’s face it, Nobody NEEDS jewelry! Having a successful show comes down to identifying why someone NEEDS jewelry and how YOU communicate the VALUE you provide.”

When many large jewelry brands “interpret” their collection for QVC, they try to replicate their products inexpensively but in a way that resembles their luxury collections. Judith Ripka and Anthony Nak for QVC are great examples of this!

What they are actually doing is upping the “perceived value” factor so that their line appeals to the masses.

My trainer at QVC had us go through an exercise to get deep into the psychology of the QVC customer.

Listen closely: You can use this in your marketing, as well, because this “psychology” that motivates the QVC customer to buy is exactly what motivates your DREAM clients to buy… even if you sell a luxury product.

Here’s what selling on QVC taught me about VALUE (and how to communicate it).

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Now it’s your turn! In the comments below this video, tell me the following:

  1. Have you ever been guilty of committing one of these annoying mistakes?
  2. How are you currently communicating VALUE in your sales, marketing, and branding? 

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