The 3 Things You Should Never Do When Designing Your Jewelry Collection

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Yes, it’s true. Design is an interpretation of art and creativity.

However, if you want to have a successful jewelry brand & business, you need to take into account some of the things that you should never do when designing your jewelry collection.

1. Design without your ideal client in mind

The first and most important: never design without your ideal client in mind. Many of you who have followed us for a while probably have heard this over and over. If you are new to F&TA, this might be the first time you’ve heard this. If you don’t design with your ideal client in mind, you might as well shoot yourself in the foot.

When you design with him or her in mind, you end up thinking of things like price-point, style, and aesthetic that will automatically generate a sale.

For example, let’s say your ideal client is a stylish fashionista who likes to buy new jewelry every season. She makes about $70,000 a year and lives in a city. Her budget for clothing and jewelry is just a few hundred dollars a month. If you are really targeting your line towards this person, you should be designing pieces in an aesthetic (and at a price point) that she can afford. The same is true if your ideal client is a fancy lady with thousands of dollars in disposable income.

If you want to increase customer lifetime value, think about what your customers are buying and why they want to buy from you, and then do everything you can to keep their loyalty. 

Starting with her (or him) in mind leads to the most success generating revenue and leads for your biz.

2. Design your collection without focus

Focus also ties into the ideal client avatar and cohesive design.

The most effective and successful designers are those who develop a signature style and stick with it!

I am not saying that your design doesn't evolve over the years; however, I am suggesting you stay focused on your overall brand vision.

For instance, if you design dainty personal jewelry one season and it sells really well, and then the next season, you decide you want to make only statement necklaces, wouldn't you agree that you would probably be alienating your current clients?

Unless you are a trend designer, stepping away from your signature look will only hurt you. You will confuse your clients and lose sales.

3. Design without evaluating your sales from the previous season

Unless you are a complete newbie and launching your first collection, you must be constantly evaluating what has worked and what hasn’t for your collection. You gather this information by looking at your sales.

Successful brands are always reevaluating. If something you designed totally tanked, brush it off, pull it from the collection, or redesign it.

The information you receive also will tell you what kinds of styles ARE working for you. We aren’t suggesting you design more of the same, but think of your ideal client. If she liked a certain piece, what can you design that merchandises well with that?

If you are in this business to win it, you must always be consistent while keeping your collection fresh and new.

Take a look at your line and evaluate where you stand with this.

When was the last time you lost focus while designing your jewelry collection? How did you get back to your brand vision?

Seriously, we want to know. Post your answer in the comments below this post!

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