The 5 signs that you know your are in the right place with your jewerly biz

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Today, we Robin & I wanted to talk about how to know you are in the right place. Having your own business can be exhilarating, rewarding and fun! However, at times you might feel bogged down by responsibility or overwhelm and you may even wonder if you are in the right place. There are definitely highs and lows in biz and it takes a little internal investigation to know if you are in the right place.

It's no joke and I am not going to lie to you, having a successful business as a jewelry designer takes proper planning, determination, dedication and a commitment to your passion. Today, on her blog, my mentor Marie Forleo answered a question from a reader about how to know when it's time to close your business or keep on truckin' with it!

The question is a tricky one, mostly because often times our head and our ego get in the way. If you haven't seen it, make sure you watch it over here.

When I decided to close my first jewelry business, it took me awhile to make a decision but when I finally did…

I knew in my heart it was time to let go.

There is no question that you will have struggles and setbacks as a business owner. You will also have incredible wins.

If you are uncertain, here is a list of the…

5 signs to know you are in the right place with your jewelry business.

1. You wake up excited to work on your jewelry business.

It's not to say that some days you might not feel uber motivated. However the majority of the time, you are excited and up for the challenges and celebrations that you face.

2. You have a consistent flow of creativity.

As a creative being, you have probably been faced with at times with creative blocks and huge surges of creativity. When we are feeling down or not connecting with our business, we have a tendency to lose our creativity. When the juices are flowing, you know you are in the right place.

3. When you are faced with a challenge in your business, you think proactively on how to overcome it.

This is a HUGE one!  Acting like a CEO is essential not only to a thriving jewelry business but also to knowing you are in the right place. If you have the capacity to be solutions focused instead of in a being state of overwhelm, dread or acting like a victim, you are golden. You have a business and things will not always go according to plan. It's in how you deal with whatever comes up.

4. When people ask you what you “do” you are beyond thrilled to chat with them about it.

We work with so many designers and we often hear them shy away from talking about what they do. There could be several reasons for this because I had a loss of passion for the direction in my brand and I was actually just plain over it! I encourage you to understand why you might shy away from talking about your biz.

If it's shyness, get over it and go sell something off your neck.

5. You Move forward out of passion not Obligation.

When your energy is down and you lose your passion, your mind can often get in the way. Marie spoke about this in her blog, as well. You should reconsider what you are doing if your motivation is out of time or money invested rather than true passion for what you are doing.

I knew it was time to move on, close Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc in 2009 for the following reason:

1. I woke up every day dreading to go into my office. In fact, I started teaching a lot more yoga so I could get out of work early.

2. My creative flow stopped and I started putting out crappy collections that weren't in alignment with who I was. My sales suffered and so did my ego.

3. I  proactively thought about how I could get out of my business while halfheartedly trying to fix what was going on inside my business.

4. I hated talking about my jewelry business. I felt like a fraud and I was actually just kind of over it.

5. It felt like a huge burden but I felt like I needed to keep going because I had spent so much time, invested so much money and had a team of people that I felt responsible too.

When I finally made the decision to move on, a huge weight was lifted and a completely new opportunity opened up to me! By following my heart instead of listening to my head, I launched my new jewelry business and have passion and success beyond my wildest dreams.

I know in my heart I am in the right place.

We want to hear from you! In the comments below answer these questions:

1. How does your having your jewelry business make you feel?

2. What are you working on right now?