The Secret to Creating Maximum Profits (and Personal FREEDOM) in your Jewelry Biz

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Author: Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer

In 2004, I was invited by a friend to travel to India. As a long time yoga practitioner, going to India was a dream of mine and something that I was passionate about doing.

That was until my friend told me that the retreat we were heading to landed smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. The news was devastating because it meant I might not be able to go.

As a jewelry business owner, I was torn:

It seemed irresponsible for me to leave since we generate 50% of revenue in the final quarter. But I really wanted to seize the opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine. What did I do? I planned and I took off and went to India, leaving my staff behind to TCOB!

Letting go was an interesting experience and something we are passionate about teaching at Flourish & Thrive Academy. If you join us for our FREEDOM Method:: Multiply Your Profits Webinar, I will tell you more about how it increased my profitability, my income and ultimately gave me the FREEDOM to leave my jewelry business (right before we were shipping a $100K order to Anthropologie).

From our experience, we know how important it is to have plan in place so you can create freedom in your life. We developed a FREE training called “The Freedom Method.” In this method, you will learn how to apply a simple system to your business that will gift you with more money, more time and more energy. So you can stop feeling stuck and start feeling free again.

1. Why creating FREEDOM in your business will ultimately increase profitability.

When we think about FREEDOM in terms of your jewelry business, we think about all of the things you get STUCK doing in order to keep your business going, rather than focusing on things you LOVE to do.

Think about your day and all of the mundane tasks you spend your time on. We mean it. Sit down and write down everything you do. Hit the timer for 15 Minutes and GO!

OK great work. Now take a look at that list and circle all of the things that take a lot of time that you do not enjoy doing and think about how each one is getting done. Are you doing it the same way every single time, or are you reinventing the wheel each time you approach a task?

It’s a proven fact that businesses that implement systems and processes function like a well-oiled machine. Don’t let the term “system” scare you. A system is just a proven method about how to get things done.

When systems are implemented in a business, you will have the FREEDOM to focus on revenue generating activities and the things that you are best at. Ultimately, creating systems will increase your profitability and here are the reasons why: it reduces costs, minimizes errors and FREEs you from having your hands in everything.

2. How “The FREEDOM Method” creates more time so you can focus on the things you LOVE.

Go back to the list you just made and do the following::

  1. Circle anything you HATE doing.
  2. Circle anything that you don’t really enjoy doing but you do it anyway.
  3. Circle all of the things that are time sucks and prevent you from being creative or bringing money into your business.

OK, how much is left on the list?

Hopefully you still have designing jewelry on there!!

Our assumption is that you probably spend a lot of time staying stuck on these things instead of doing the things you LOVE. By identifying them and handing them off to someone else, you will be able to create more time to focus on the things that light you up.

3. Why using “The FREEDOM Method” will give you more energy to be creative.

This final topic just builds on what we have already spoken about and it’s quite simple.
When mundane and repeatable tasks in your business are taken care of, you will have more energy to be creative, it’s a fact!

Trust me, as someone who did things she hated for many years in her business, understanding this key point is crucial. Let’s face it: you got into the jewelry business to showcase your talents to the world not to be stuck spending hours shipping orders or counting beads, right?

Your precious time MUST be spent working on the things you are brilliant at. I can guess that the first thing you are brilliant at is designing those lovely pieces of jewelry.

If you want to learn more about The FREEDOM Method, make sure you sign up for The Flourish & Thrive Academy’s FREE webinar on Wednesday, April 17th. Join us for The FREEDOM Method:: Multiply Your Profits.

It’s best to attend live since we have a special treat at the end of the training. However, make sure you sign up even if you can’t make it live.

Join us for The FREEDOM Method:: Multiply Your Profits and learn how to maximize your income, increase your freedom and have a business that can run without you 24/7.

We want to hear from you!

In the comments below tell us the following::

1. The top 3 time sucks that you are wasting your time on.
2. The top 3 aspects of your business that you LOVE.

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