#125 The Truth About Overnight Success with Abby Walker

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You hear the stories all the time.


Athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs…everyone talks about their so-called overnight success.


When suddenly they burst onto the scene and everyone is talking about how great they are.


So here’s a little reassurance if you’re feeling like you’ve been hustling your butt off way too long to ever be called an “overnight” success.


There’s no such thing.


“Every overnight success takes about 10 years.”


I love this quote! Often times we only see the current success of an entrepreneur but we never realize how long it took to achieve.


Today on the podcast we have Abby Walker CEO of Vivian Lou Inc. Her company is dedicated to helping women look and feel better in high heels!


How cool is the that?


She’s also written a book called Strap On A Pair, this book is all about helping women find their “something more.”


She’s got an awesome story to share with us today about how she overcame struggles and failure!


Seriously she’s got such a great energy you won’t wanna miss this!


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Don’t Stop Believing


Not every idea you have will be a complete and total success! But the great part about that is it’s totally normal. Big and small, you have to expect failures to happen!


But hey don’t sweat it! You can flip this “failure” into a learning opportunity. Learning from yourself is honestly the best way to change your behavior. Just remember, don’t stop believing in your dream!


Nothing Happens Overnight


I’m guilty of saying this, “wouldn’t it be great to wake up to an inbox full of orders?” and yes, it would be great. The only way that happens is when you put in the work necessary to allow your business to go from zero to sixty overnight.


You don’t always see the hard work people have been putting in for years to get to that point. The results definitely snowball into this huge rush of attention, and that can happen overnight. But if you’re trying to figure it out on your own, it can take decades to get to that inbox full of orders!


It’s Not Gonna be Glamorous


Striking out on your own is scary! You’re gonna make mistakes and maybe even embarrass yourself a little! You’ll be filled with self doubt or feel nervous.


Ready for that? But that’s why when you do succeed it’s SO rewarding! Find what motivates you so you don’t give up when things get tough! Ask yourself why you do this!


For Abby, it’s being there for her kids and finding peace and freedom. That’s so great!


Remembering why you started this journey in business will help you get through the not so glamorous times!


xo, Tracy


Strap on a Pair