Tricks To Keep You Motivated & Inspired!

I have a confession to make… I’m a list maker. I write lists for everything! From what I need to buy when I go to the grocery store, to what I need to do if I am getting ready to go on a trip to what I need to pack for that trip to … You name a project and I’ll have to make a list for it.

I think my love affair with list making all stems from the satisfaction I get when I’m able to cross something off of one of my lists. Plus there’s the fact that I don’t want to forget to do something. I truly believe that my short-term memory has been eaten away by songs from the late 70’s and 80’s like She’s A Bad Mama Jamma, Brick House and Car Wash. If you don’t know these songs, you are missing out!

As I was writing my list of To Do’s for work today, I got to thinking about what motivates me. Sure the act of completing something on my list and then actually crossing it off is very satisfying and motivating. However, what’s super powerful is what happens after that – I want to cross another task on my list!

My amazing friend Tracy Matthews to wrote recently, “Where there is inspired action, momentum builds.” Ok, I don’t know about you, but I get inspired by just reading that sentence!

Let’s talk business for a moment. I loved my job at Dogeared jewelry, but I knew in my heart it was time for me to go. I had been at the company almost 5 year and my father’s health wasn’t good. I was feeling torn between work and family and well, family was more important to me and needed my attention. I knew I was going to leave, but was so super scared of the “what if’s”. What if no one hired me? What if I can’t pay my rent? What if I loose my father? You could say I was overwhelmed with fear.

My biggest fear was losing my father and my second biggest fear was not following through with starting my own consulting business. I decided to reach out to a few friends who were going through their own life/job stuff. We came up with a game plan to meet once a week to support one another with whatever it was we needed at that time. I realize now that if it wasn’t for my friends and our weekly meetings, I would have never ventured out on my own (or it would have taken me another 2 years). I needed (and still need) their support and I needed to be held accountable for my actions. Because of them, I was able to not only resign gracefully, but I was also able to be prepared for my new business venture. I of course had a list of things to do before I resigned – set up a DBA, buy office equipment, set up systems, etc. By having a support system, my own little community of cheerleaders, I was able to put one foot in front of the other and each day brought my dream closer. Things didn’t happen overnight, but they happened. My momentum was steady and strong.

Not every day is going to be easy so here are 4 things to help you stay on track.

4 Things to keep you motivated and moving forward.

  1. Have the right mindset. Having the right mindset is essential.
  2. Have a supportive community. Having people cheering you on will help you do amazing things.
  3. Be Flexible. Things will change so make sure you remain flexible.
  4. Don't wait for the “perfect” time to do something because there is no such thing as the perfect time.

Take Action:

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  1. Aimee Biondolillo on March 14, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing Robin. I too feel overwhelmed between “life” and my work. I am finding lists a great thing to use and have implimented a calendar so I don’t miss out on stuff or forget an appt. I get text and email alerts (yes double just in case) for each upcoming event. I am staying motivated by groups of friends in like situations and find it VERY helpful! I have an accountability partner in another country whom I talk with often about everything…business, home, health, fun. I love that! Honestly I’ve fought anxiety since the age of 16 and being overwhelmed can lead to not doing anything but I learn about 3 years ago to push through that feeling and do SOMETHING, ANYTHING and once I start I feel much better and then I get things done.


  2. Dawn DiGesare on March 14, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Robin , I too am a list maker! I live with my iPhone and mini iPad right next to me at all times. I have my calendar color coded for the different things that are going on in my life. DaVoria Jewelry is brown, my hair business is blue, the grandkids are purple and so on. I love sticky notes even though I already have everything listed in my notes on my iPad. Lol. And you are so right about having the right mindset. If you are having a bad day just look at the lessons learned for that day. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s always nice to know that other people have “stuff” too.

  3. Bev on March 14, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    I’m also a HUGE listmaker! I find reading other small business owners’ blogs to be hugely and inspiring. Being part of a community of creatives helps me not feel overwhelmed and like I’m not the only one doing this.

  4. Vannessa on March 14, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Wow! I am going through exactly the same (moved from Spain back to the UK to look after my sick father), AND I am a great list builder.However, I still like writing lists on paper and sticky notes rather than in a more sophisticated way on my iPad 😉
    You are so right about needing a supportive community. Moving back to the UK where most of my life friends are has made such a difference; especially when the nasty “doubt/fear gremlins” start talking.
    p.s LOVE the 3 songs you mention too 😉

  5. Elora on March 20, 2013 at 10:49 am

    I’m focusing on the important things of that day–things will take care of themselves if you focus on those (like family, and the major points of planning is business, building my blog), and remember to breathe. Soon you realize what is not that important, and is okay if it isn’t tended to right away. (And thank goodness!) But still, I pray every day that the good Lord helps me to just remember to breathe! ;D

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  7. […] a positive and aligned mindset is the #1 factor that gets in the way of being successful. You’ve got to believe in yourself to […]

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