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How to Hire a Production Contractor For Your Jewelry Business

Happy Tuesday… I’m sure you are all scrambling to finish up last-minute holiday orders just like I am. ...
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Secrets to Effortless Sourcing For Your Jewelry Business

Today, you are in luck! I am thrilled to be talking with Matthew Burnett today! Matt is the ...
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Quick Ways to Get “Results” for Your Jewelry Business

Over the years, I’ve been really “results” focused in my jewelry business. For me, setting goals and achieving ...
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Employees vs. Independent Contractors: What You Need to Know When Adding to Your Team

Are you a jewelry designer who is ready to add to your team but you aren't sure where ...
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Why you MUST think like a CEO (even if you have a solo jewelry biz)

"The entrepreneur is our visionary, the creator in each of us. We're born with that quality and it ...
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The inside scoop: when should I hire a Contractor vs. an Employee?

Robin and I hear this all of the time:: “I feel so overwhelmed! I want to pull my ...
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