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Quick Ways to Get “Results” for Your Jewelry Business


Over the years, I’ve been really “results” focused in my jewelry business. For me, setting goals and achieving those goals is so gratifying. In fact, most recently, I had a strong desire to have a waiting list for my jewelry clients.

So I set my intention, sealed it with my coach and, lo and behold, a month later, I literally had a waiting list for my custom jewelry business. I was blown away!

The other day, I was in a coaching session with one of the designers in our Mastermind Program on her business. She underwent a huge evolution that was quite unexpected for her. Though the idea had been simmering for awhile, waiting to come out, it wasn’t until she shared a little piece of it with me that the focus for this new direction or desire of her unfolded.

It was really crazy to see how the idea evolved within her and how quickly she was able to develop it! While she is taking her time planting the seeds for this new direction and a new collection, she is focused on making her vision a reality.

And it happened fast!

Here are quick ways to get results fast in your jewelry business:

1. State your desire or intention clearly and out loud

Share your idea with someone you trust, a business mentor or an accountability partner. For me, coaching has been essential in staying on track and in alignment with my vision.

Be specific with what you want. Add a number or a milestone.

2. Focus on one thing at a time

What you focus on expands. One of my coaches limited having more than 3 things on your “to-do” list everyday because more than that usually prevented you from getting much done.

If you want a waiting list for jewelry clients, go out and get clients until you have a waiting list. Ask for referrals.

If you want to have 1000 followers on Instagram because you are making sales off IG, then invite, hashtag, comment, get shout outs and follow people who are your DREAM clients. Be an Instagram Ninja.

If you want 10 wholesale accounts by the end of summer, well hot damn, email your DREAM stores, focus on the right accounts and get in there!

If you’d like more time to spend with your family, outsource and hire a VA who can take over some of the time consuming tasks you take on.

3. Have Someone You Trust Give You Guidance

Even though I coach other designers, in order to stay sane and be able to juggle multiple responsibilities, it is a requirement that I work with a coach.

If I evaluate the phases of serious growth in my business, I can always attribute it to working with a coach or consultant and/or having super high accountability built in to the results.

4. Be Accountable for the Desired Results

At the end of your milestone, evaluate. Be accountable for what you’ve set out to do and take steps every day to achieve your desired results. You can find an accountability partner or get on to the fast track to success by hiring a coach or consultant to help speed things along at lightning speed.

Ultimately, staying focused on the outcome of your desire and doing whatever it takes (within reason) to get there is the key to getting the results, sales, freedom you desire.

Today I challenge you to state your intention! In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. List one “result” you would like to see happen by the end of the month, quarter or year.

2. List 3 action steps you will take today to work on getting the “results” you desire.

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