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Scaling Your Online/E-Commerce Sales!

We have plenty of resources to help you grow your website traffic and increase conversions! Starting with…

The Conversion Crusher: 27 Things You Must Do to Turn Browsers into Buyers!


Slaying online selling doesn’t come from mastering one thing, it comes from covering all your bases in a strategis way. Which is what this guide is designed to help you with!

Plus, we have a bunch of podcast episodes & blog posts about scaling your online/e-commerce sales! Take a look below to see what’s possible for you!

Bonus Episode: Happy Thanksgiving + Gratitude Practice

Happy Thanksgiving m'dear!  Whether you celebrate the traditional holiday or not, I want you to know that I’m ...
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#326 Perceived Value is an Inside Job with Allyson Hayes

Could you be hurting your sales by pricing your jewelry too low? It might sound counter intuitive, but ...
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Podcast episode 325 Shop 1 in 5 Small Business Directory

#325 Shop One in Five (Small Businesses) This Holiday Season

The biggest pain point for small business owners to make more sales online is the struggle to get ...
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#323 Shows Are Back! It’s How You Leverage Them That Matters with Ana Maria Andricain

Great news, everyone, shows are back! In-person art fairs and trunk shows are back in full swing. They ...
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#322 Behind the Scenes of the Desired Brand Effect Book

It’s finally happening, m’dear. My book, The Desired Brand Effect, is launching on November 9th, 2021. People reach ...
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#321 REELs (and Tik Tok) for Beginners with Shelby Clement

Let’s talk simple strategies you can use to grow your brand’s online audience using REELs and Tik Tok. ...
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