Bonus Episode: Happy Thanksgiving + Gratitude Practice

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Happy Thanksgiving m'dear!

 Whether you celebrate the traditional holiday or not, I want you to know that I’m beyond grateful for you and the Flourish & Thrive Community.

Before we launch into the chaos that is the Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for this year.

Although I know it’s been a tough year for many of us, I’ve created a quick, 3-step gratitude exercise to help us recognize all the wonderful parts of the journey.

I know it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for me.

Over these past couple of years, I’ve undergone a lot of transformation – both in business and in my personal life.

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t always been easy. But I finally feel like I’m coming out on the other side, and I can finally appreciate all the brilliance these changes have brought into my life.

I am especially grateful for the influx of love and support I’ve received in response to publishing my first book, The Desired Brand Effect.

Thanks to you, it’s already made it to the top of Amazon’s new release list in multiple categories.

Now it’s your turn to do some reflection.

Grab a notebook and pen, and join me in this 3-step gratitude exercise to help you really put into perspective just how far you’ve come this year.

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Step #1: Celebrate Your Achievements

The first step of the gratitude practice is to make a list of everything you’ve accomplished in the last year – big or small.

We entrepreneurs have a bad habit of downplaying our achievements due to perfectionist mindsets.

Put that aside for now and take a moment to really appreciate how far you’ve come.

It’s been a tough year, and you have a lot to be proud of, m’dear.

Step #2: List Your Gratitudes

Once you have a list of achievements, you should be feeling pretty good about yourself. But you couldn’t have done it alone!

Now it’s time to turn your focus toward gratitude.

Start a new list of all the things you're grateful for. Lessons you’ve learned, opportunities you’ve had, people who’ve supported you.

If you’re anything like me, your list will probably have a lot of names on it.

It takes a strong support network to make it as a small business owner, and that’s why I love the Flourish & Thrive Community so much.

Step #3: Pay It Forward

Finally, it’s time to pay it forward.

She couldn’t believe it.

Gratitude is best when it’s shared with others. Pick at least three of the people from your list and think of a way you can express your appreciation for them.

It could be as simple as a quick thank you text to a friend or as elaborate as a grand romantic gesture for your spouse.

All that matters is that it comes from the heart.

Listen to the full episode to hear some of the things that are on my list this year.

Wherever you are and however you celebrate, I’m wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving – and the best of luck on your upcoming Black Friday endeavors!

xo, Tracy


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