#320 The Mindset Shift That 4x’d One Designer’s Sales with Alisha Merrick

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When you’re operating from the mindset of a starving artist, you could be preventing yourself from being successful without even realizing it.

Here’s how starving artist syndrome manifests in your business…

  • Resenting the success of other artists.
  • Feeling jealous of other artists’ abilities.
  • Staying in your comfort zone and refusing to take risks because you don’t believe in your own abilities.
  • Sabotaging opportunities because you believe you’re not good enough.
  • Self-doubt and negative self-talk.

But it’s never too late to shift your mindset, and Alisha Merrick is living proof of that.

Before Alisha joined our Momentum coaching program, she was operating from a starving artist mindset.

She was working multiple low-paying, part-time jobs and treating her jewelry business, Alisha Merrick Art, as a side-hustle.

In a constant state of overwhelm, she struggled to manifest what she wanted her business to be because she didn’t even have a clear vision of the future, to begin with.

That all changed when she joined Momentum.

During her first year in the program, Alisha doubled her sales from the previous year – and this year, she’s on track to double them again.

Even more inspiring, she elevated her business from a side hustle and now owns and operates a successful retail store in Friday Harbor, Washington called FERN.

Alisha is living proof that the starving artist stereotype is just that – a stereotype.

I knew I needed to get Alisha on the podcast ASAP for two reasons:

  1. Celebrating the success of Flourish & Thrive Academy students is my favorite thing in the world.
  1. I know Alisha is not alone in her experience. In fact, I think most jewelry designers will be able to relate to her story.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how Alisha transformed her jewelry brand from a struggling side hustle to a 6-figure full-time business with a successful retail store in a matter of only two years…

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Internal Work Manifests External Results

The changes all began with Alisha’s internal effort to improve her confidence.

In the past, seeing other jewelry designers breaking the mold led to feelings of resentment and jealousy because she didn’t see the potential in herself.

Her upward trajectory began when she shifted her mindset that she started asking, “why can’t I do that, too?”

The more she invested in herself, the more it paid off. This created momentum that made it easier and easier to step outside of her comfort zone and take the risks she needed to grow.

Set Goals That Feel Impossible – Then Make Them Happen

For the longest time, Alisha was working multiple part-time jobs and treating her art as a side-hustle.

This was only feeding the starving artist mindset.

In her heart, Alisha knew art was the only thing she could see herself becoming truly successful at. With her newfound self-confidence, she realized it was time to chase it.

She took a huge risk when she decided to quit her part-time jobs, drop the farmer’s market weekend hustle, and rent out a local retail space.

The rest is history.

Surround Yourself With the Support You Need

All throughout Alisha’s explosive growth, she’s had the support of our Momentum coaching program at her back.

“I’ve never had such a cheerleading session,” Alisha told me. With all the coaches and community rooting for her success, she was able to build her confidence as an artist and business owner.

“I think that my favorite part of the program has been the coaching calls,” she continued, “because you can get very specific about what you want to talk about.”

I’m not doing Alisha’s story justice here. Listen to the full episode above to hear more about her inspiring journey.

If you'd like to do some big things with your business like Alisha did, apply for a Strategy Audit and let's explore how we can help you manifest your dream business.

xo, Tracy

xo, Tracy


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