Win a Scholarship to Flourish and Thrive Academy: Laying the Foundation Vol. 1!

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We are giving away a scholarship to F&TA: Laying the Foundation Volume 1!!!

We have a few questions for you!

  • Do you have a hobby of making jewelry but are not sure how to market yourself or turn this passion into a business?
  • Are already running a jewelry design business but struggling to make ends meet?
  • Are you hustling your jewelry business on the side while working full time trying to make the leap?
  • Have you been designing your beautiful jewelry for a while but haven’t seen much growth?
  • Did you learn everything there is to know about making a piece of jewelry but have no idea about the boring business stuff?
  • Do you desire to turn your dream of becoming a successful jewelry designer into a reality?
  • Are you constantly frustrated and torn between your passion and earning a living?

We are here to blow your mindset out of the water!

That’s right because we are launching a program that is about to change your life and your jewelry business! Check out the entire course content for Laying the Foundation Volume 1.

Enough about that…we are here to announce something super awesome!

We are actually giving away a Scholarship for a Silver Membership to one lucky jewelry designer!

Here is how you can win the scholarship:

If anyone understands, we do! Robin & Tracy know that most of you really NEED this training. We want everyone to have the opportunity to join us so we decided to hold a contest!

Remember: you are artists so be creative with your submission! Following the rules is a must and if you bend the rules, we can’t take your submission into account.

Here’s what you need to do:

Submit a 90 second or less video or a 300-500 written submission answering the following questions:

  • Where are you in your jewelry business now?
  • What’s holding you back in your business and your life?
  • What is your vision for your business? Where do you want to go? What are your biggest dreams and desires?

Step #1:

Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, and like us on Facebook


For Video Submission:

Upload your video to YouTube and make it PUBLIC.

Your Video Title: Flourish & Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation Volume 1 vid by (Your Name)

Your Video Description: – Flourish & Thrive Academy – A 30-day virtual program for jewelry designers who want to learn the step-by-step process of building a business platform guaranteed to yield more cash, more clarity and more freedom.

To complete your valid entry, leave a comment below this post with a link to your YouTube video entry.

For Written Submission:

The written submission must be in the form of a blog post or other online publication.

The Submission Title: Flourish & Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation Volume 1

To complete your valid entry, leave a comment below this post with a link to your Blog entry. Make sure you link back to Flourish & Thrive on Your Blog!

Social Media Bonus!

If you let your twitter and facebook friends know about the contest ~ you get bonus points!

Twitter Swipe:

  • Pls RT Help me win a free ticket to @flourish_thrive’s Laying the Foundation: Volume 1 #FTAcademy
  • This @flourish_thrive scholarship is all mine! #FTAcademy Pls RT
  • Pls RT I Just entered @flourish_thrive’s Laying the Foundation: Volume 1 contest! #FTAcademy
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Facebook Swipe (tag us):

Help me win a scholarship to @Flourish & Thrive Academy's Laying the Foundation Volume 1! I am ready to get business savvy! Please comment below and share this with your friends.

You can, of course, write your own, but you must include our handle and hashtag @flourish_thrive / #FTAcademy, use the official link: (post a link to your video or written submission)

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Jewelry Designers - Win a Scholarship

You can post up to 3 times a day on social media!!

Contest ENDS Tuesday, September 25th, 9 am EDT and the winner will be announced that day!

Tracy, Robin & the F&TA team will be the judges. Yes, our decision is completely subjective. It is also final. Just be honest, creative, and confident!