How does it work anyway?

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Wow! We have had an amazing response so far to all of the course content!

We understand that many of you are new to online courses. You are asking questions so we thought we would answer them here.

If you are questioning if the Laying the Foundation:: Volume 1 course is right for you, check out this page for more details.

Here are a bunch of questions we have been asked within the last 24 hours:

1. What if I don't have time right now?

Good News! We have created a structure to the course so that each module/learning topics comes one week at a time. However, all of the content is downloadable. You can work on it when you have time.

2. Will I get private coaching?

With the silver membership, we offer weekly group coaching calls that are super valuable. If you can't be on the call live, you can submit your questions in advance. Additionally, you'll have access to the call download so you can listen at your pleasure.

3. How does it work?

Each week, we release new content on Monday (with the exception of the first week since it starts on Tuesday). The course is video and worksheet driven so you'll have the chance to absorb the info then work on making some change. During each week, there will be special bonuses. At the end of the course, you'll get some additional graduation bonuses.

To check out the bonuses, go here!

4. When are you doing the course again?

Honestly, we have no idea if we will repeat the course. As of now, we don't have that in the plans.

5. Will you be launching other courses?

We hope to however, we are taking it one step at a time, like any jewelry designer should in biz!

6. Do I get to keep the information you give?

Yes! That is the brilliance of a digital program! Once the refund period is over, you will have access to download all of the materials

7. What happens if I signed up and it's not right for me?

We offer a Money Back Guarantee at the end of week two as long as you participate in the course. You will be required to turn your homework. You must request a refund by October 20th. Remember, we only want people involved who are serious about

8. Will I get to hang out with the other designers?

Yes, you have access to an amazing network of designers who will be there to support you (along with Robin & Tracy) along the entire process. We are all about sharing and making huge shifts in the way designers do biz!

9.  I'm Broke! I really need this but I don't have the entire fee right now.

We have some amazing payment plans. You can check them out here. If you need another type of payment plan, contact us. We can try to figure something out with you.

10. What is the content that is covered?

You can view the entire course content over here on the Laying the Foundation page.

In simple terms it will roll out like this:

Week 1: Branding: Ideal Customer, Branding, Goal Setting, Mindshifting

Week 2: Creating: Collections that Sell and Pricing

Week 3: Selling: Sales Plans, Relationship Building, Swipe Files, Robin's Mastery

Week 4: PR/Marketing: All things PR and Marketing to Help you Increase Your Exposure

Each week will have a Q&A call, as well. You'll get related bonuses week by week. Then a Whole Bunch of Graduation Bonuses will be dropped at the end.

Do you have more questions? Well, ask us in the comments below! or if you are shy, go right here to ask us anything you desire.