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The Secrets Behind 5 Jewelry Brand Transformations
Every designer has big dreams for their brand. Even if it isn't a clear vision or specific goal, you probably daydream about what you wish your brand could turn into... The difficult part is figuring out how to get there. There are a lot of roadblocks on the way to success. And figuring out a way around each one is SO overwhelming [READ MORE]
Jewelry Photography Tips and Tricks for Designers on a Budget
Excellent photography of your jewelry is vital to your brand’s success. If your photography is subpar and you aren’t getting the sales you want for your business, online or off, the first thing you should turn to are your photos. Crappy photos can arguably be the ONE thing holding you back from editors, buyers and customers taking [READ MORE]
How to Move Beyond the Fear of Not Feeling Ready
Procrastination, perfectionism and lack of confidence can be detrimental... especially if YOU are trying to get your jewelry designs out into the world. Have you ever felt like your collection wasn’t "complete" or "ready" enough to call stores or that your designs weren’t good enough to start selling? Have you ever felt tha [READ MORE]
Summer PR Resources
Last week, we mentioned that we are taking a few weeks off of blogging so that our team can take a little break. We all need a break at times... However, we will be sending you some inspiration and great reading/listening while we are away + we wanted to give you some resources to help make your business a little easier. Our Foc [READ MORE]
The Importance of Replenishing Yourself for All of Your Hard Work
Do you ever feel burnt out or lack creative ideas? Do you find that you are working into the wee hours of the night yet you don’t seem to be creating much progress or traction? Yep, if you are anything like me, you’re probably raising your hand right now! The root of the problem might be something that’s not even on your r [READ MORE]
10 Under-Utilized Strategies to Double Your Holiday Sales
Man it’s H-O-T here in NYC so… You might think we are crazy to be talking about Holiday Sales in July! Well, we aren’t… LOL… Did you know that most buyers place their jewelry orders for the Fall and Holiday seasons by August? Yup, it’s true. When I had my first business about 70% of my orders for September throug [READ MORE]
Holiday Warning! Important Dates to Hit to Maximize Holiday Sales!
Question: When are you at your busiest in your jewelry business? What time of year are your sales booming? If you are like MOST jewelry designers and makers, I’m willing to bet that for MOST of you, the busiest sales season runs from September through December. Before my commissioned jewelry days, nearly 60-70% of my annual reve [READ MORE]
How to Leverage the Slow Summer Season to KILL it During the Holidays
Greetings from Nantucket! Did you hear that July 5th was our 3rd B-day! If you missed the FREE gifts, scroll to the bottom of this post to check them out. Do you love slowing down a bit in the summer as much as I do? I love summer because it’s a time to slow down, refresh and travel to destinations that I either love or that I [READ MORE]

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