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Email Marketing: Finding the Right Provider for Your Jewelry Business
Still on the fence about email providers? Afraid to make a decision or maybe even afraid to learn how it works? We have good news! Technology is always changing. Which means email marketing software is becoming more user friendly every day. Nearly every provider has tons of video tutorials walking you through every step of the pro [READ MORE]
Marie Forleo’s B-School Review:  Is it Right for Your Jewelry Business?
  As a jewelry designer or maker, you might be trying to build a better online presence, attract new and repeat customers to your website and overall just make more sales online. You may have also heard about a little program called B-School, the brainchild of the brilliant Marie Forleo. As usual, I’ve been getting a lot of quest [READ MORE]
Marie Forleo’s B-School Review: How B-School Changed My Life
A lot of you have been asking questions about Marie Forleo’s B-School so I wanted to write a little review to show you HOW B-School can help build your online presence… At the end of the post, I reveal my B-School Bonus Suite for 2016! Make sure you read until the end if you are seriously considering. But first, if you a [READ MORE]
My Favorite Business Books: Back to School Inspiration
We can’t believe it’s back to school time... As summer winds down, I always get the itch in September to learn something new or start something special in my business. Because September is the month to get back to school (or business)! We wanted to share some of our favorite ways for designers to “get back to school” [READ MORE]
Summer PR Resources
Last week, we mentioned that we are taking a few weeks off of blogging so that our team can take a little break. We all need a break at times... However, we will be sending you some inspiration and great reading/listening while we are away + we wanted to give you some resources to help make your business a little easier. Our Foc [READ MORE]
The Undeniable Impact of Gift Guide Placement for Stellar Holiday Sales
A few months ago, I was having dinner in SF with my friend Andreea Ayers. We’ve been colleagues and friends for years, but this was our first time actually meeting in person. As we sat there talking about our experiences with our businesses, she was telling me a story about how she has been featured in over 50 Holiday Gift Guides [READ MORE]
Relevance: How to stay on Top of Your Game as a Jewelry Designer
If there’s one thing I’ve witnessed over the past 25+ years in the jewelry industry, its that there is only one constant: change! Over my career, I’ve seen a lot of changes not only in design and trend, but in techniques and best business practices. In fact, my collection has completely evolved and morphed into something v [READ MORE]
Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking on a Business Partner or Investor
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re not Irish but everybody is Irish on St. Paddy’s Day..and I digress.. Today I wanted to talk to you about something that I desired for many, many, many years in my jewelry business! A Business Partner! When I was starting out in the jewelry industry, it was a lot of pressure. In fact it still [READ MORE]

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