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#79 Sourcing Secrets to Save Your Sanity (and Some Serious Time)
Every new (or even seasoned) designer can struggle with being able to locate the perfect clasp or chain or gemstone (for the right price). At times it might seem that there are too many options but other times it might seem like you are walking through the woods at midnight with no flashlight trying to find the perfect kyanite or [READ MORE]
#74 How to Make More, Sell More, and Get Noticed This Year
Think back to the last time you sold at a jewelry show. What do you do when someone comes up to your booth? Did you hide? I know you didn’t … but I’ve totally seen designers do that. I never understand that reaction because the whole point of doing a show is to get noticed, sell, and make money! If you’re not doing [READ MORE]
#55 Converting Looky Loos Into Buyers at Live Events
Curious, have you ever heard about how Robin & I met? Guesses? Well, you might have heard this story before but we met at a trade show in 2006 called the ENK Accessories Circuit Show. You could even say that Flourish & Thrive Academy was born at a Trade Show. My booth was right across the aisle from the Dogeared, and I [READ MORE]
#43 How to Create a Wholesale Line Sheet that Catches a Retailer’s Attention
You only get one first impression! And…according to Forbes Magazine it takes at most 30 seconds for a total stranger to form their first impression of you. You might be thinking, what does this have to do with my jewelry business? It’s a pretty short answer when it comes to making sales (especially to stores)… [READ MORE]
#42 How to Get Your Jewelry in Stores: 12 Strategies to Increase Wholesale Sales
Do you remember when you were a kid and you dove (or fell) into the deep end of the swimming pool for the very first time? Overwhelming + a little scary, right? That’s the same feeling a lot of designers get when they think about establishing or even increasing wholesale sales for their jewelry biz. And I totally underst [READ MORE]
#40: The Biggest Pricing Mistakes That Cost You Big Time
Let’s go back to school today... Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten feedback that your jewelry is priced too high or too low. Raise your hand if you aren’t making enough sales because of price resistance that you don’t know about... …Seriously, get your hand up. Because I can pretty much guarantee that if we [READ MORE]
#38 Easy Sourcing Strategies for Your Jewelry Business
Sourcing, Sourcing’s a thorn in our side as designers and jewelry makers. I know many of YOU get seriously overwhelmed by sourcing. I’ll be honest: I even got anxiety when planning this podcast! (I’m searching for some new rose cut diamond dealers~argh!) So, why is sourcing such a struggle? Well, [READ MORE]
#15: Trade Show Planning Tips from a Trade Show Carnie
Are you completely overwhelmed by the world of trade shows? You’re not alone. With hundreds of trade shows to choose from and plan for, the whole process can be daunting. Whether you like it or not, trade shows are a necessity, even in 2015, for any wholesale jewelry business. Lucky for you, Flourish & Thrive’s very own Rob [READ MORE]

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