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#42 How to Get Your Jewelry in Stores: 12 Strategies to Increase Wholesale Sales
Do you remember when you were a kid and you dove (or fell) into the deep end of the swimming pool for the very first time? Overwhelming + a little scary, right? That’s the same feeling a lot of designers get when they think about establishing or even increasing wholesale sales for their jewelry biz. And I totally underst [READ MORE]
The Piece of Technology That Could Get You More Sales From Buyers
Have you ever been so overwhelmed by your email inbox that you missed a VERY important email? Yeah me too! A few months back, I was chatting with a buyer from a sought after jewelry store. She revealed she gets over 100 emails a day from designers who want to sell to her store. On top of that, she receives daily loads of emails fr [READ MORE]
STOP doing this if you want to get your collection into MORE stores!
Are you having a hard time getting your designs into stores? Or maybe you’ve been selling to stores for awhile, but are struggling to to attract your DREAM stores? You might be making THIS big mistake and you must STOP! Wholesale is my thing! I love the process of building relationships with buyers but I hear the same stories t [READ MORE]
3 Success Strategies You Need to Survive in the New Economy of Wholesale
Mastering your wholesale jewelry business is an art! Surviving in the new economy of wholesale can feel like a sink or swim business...and in fact it kind of is! Grabbing the attention of retail buyers is one thing--getting them to buy is another. Retail buyers are extremely busy, so it’s up to you to make their job a lot easier [READ MORE]

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