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#67 Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Jewelry Biz

Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Jewelry Biz

How many of you donate to charities or a cause that you’re passionate about? How many of you WANT to donate a percentage of sales or profits to your favorite cause, but aren’t sure where to begin? Raise those hands, designers! I know you’re out there! Adding an aspect of Philanthropy into your business is…

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#40: The Biggest Pricing Mistakes That Cost You Big Time

The Biggest Pricing Mistakes That Cost You Big Time

Let’s go back to school today… Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten feedback that your jewelry is priced too high or too low. Raise your hand if you aren’t making enough sales because of price resistance that you don’t know about… …Seriously, get your hand up. Because I can pretty much guarantee that if…

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Healthy Cash Flow: The Lifeblood of Your Business

It wasn’t that long ago that I was racking up credit card debt to fund my business.  I got myself into a lot of trouble at one point and that’s why these days, I run my business on the “C” word: “Cash Flow.”  (By the way… experiences like this are the reason I feel so…

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Easy Accounting Tips for Jewelry Designers and Makers

Does accounting and bookkeeping in your jewelry business want to make you cringe? I know the feeling! It used to make me totally cringe too but then I started to love to look at my numbers. The time is now to gain more clarity on your accounting for your jewelry business. Today, I chat with…

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