#53 How to Create a Culture of Fun in Your Jewelry Business With Nina Cooper

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As a jewelry entrepreneur, what do you do when facing a “must do” task that you REALLY don’t want to do.


Or if you have employees, how do you motivate them to tackle the task that no one wants to own?


You make it fun!


I totally get it, it can seem counter intuitive to mix fun with business.


Which seems kinda strange since that is the entire reason you probably started a passion, jewelry biz in the first place


But if you take the chance…


…and start to use competitions, creativity and celebration as part of your company culture,


You’ll be amazed at the results (and the productivity that comes forth).


My guest today is Nina Cooper, owner and Chief Creative Officer of Nina Designs.


Nina has perfected the art of creating a culture of fun at her business…


and she will give you some of her best tips during the interview.


Let’s get started!


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Adjust Your Mindset


In order to make your jewelry biz a fun place to work, you’ve got to think about the business part of what you do as freedom and liberation. So many creative people dread the business side of making jewelry because there’s an awful stigma that rocking at accounting or inventory tracking makes you a sellout as an artist.


Don’t buy into that! Having solid business skills gives you the freedom to pour resources into your art because you know your finances, you’ve got a solid inventory system and you’re confident in your plan.


Celebrate Meeting Your Goals


In order to celebrate meeting your goals, you have to be setting goals! So, assuming you are setting goals for yourself and your team…make sure that you’re celebrating them as they’re met! It can be a simple celebration for meeting a weekly sales goal (Nina’s team dances around to a singing purple dinosaur) or a monthly happy hour when your team meets a big goal.


The key is to make sure that you’re recognizing successes. Your team will look forward to the fun celebration and work harder to meet the goal so that they can take part in it!


Allow Space For Creativity


This is super important for a jewelry business where creativity is such an important attribute for team members. Make sure that you’re allowing everyone that works in your business to have time to be creative each week, from your customer service workers, all the way up to yourself.


And just because you are running a jewelry biz does not mean that you are really being creative each week. We’re talking about turning off the other distractions, getting yourself in an uninterrupted space and really letting your creativity run.


This will look different for every business, but it’s so important to create a culture of fun that has you and your team members excited to come to work each day!


There’s so much more on the episode and I can’t wait for you to hear it.


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Alright…that’s it for today. Let’s get out there and make business FUN!


Xo, Tracy


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