#54 How to Overcome Your Fear of Selling

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Do one thing every day that scares you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


That was a big lesson learned from my sister.


When she worked for me back in the TMD, Inc. days, she had screensaver that taunted her to do just that.


Why, you might ask?


Because facing fear and doing those things that have you shaking in your boots are the exact things that help you grow..


…and your business grow.


There is a very special kind of fear that rises up when it comes to selling your own jewelry.


Probably because it’s such a personal thing…


I know a lot of designers who would rather go skydiving than pick up the phone to make a sales call.


It’s amazing how hard it becomes to sell your designs when you’re pitching a collection that you’ve poured your heart into.


So, I’m using today’s episode to encourage you to do one thing every day that scares you…


…especially when it comes to your sales (because that’s how your business grows).


I’ll give you some great tips about how to change your mindset from fearful to confidence by taking simple steps.


Let’s go!


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Fear Is Just Energy


Let’s call it fear what it really is…it’s just energy! And what’s so cool about that? It’s that we All have the power to change how we are channeling our energy at any given time!


One of my favorite quotes by a man named Fritz Pearls is this: “Fear is just excitement without the breath.” Think about it! If you take steps everyday to move you toward what you’re afraid of and quit holding your breath then soon selling your new collection will become the most exciting thing that you do all year!


Sales as a Service


This is without a doubt the best way to overcome your fear of selling. Think of what you do as providing a service to stores and customers rather than selling to them.


Your jewelry has the power to make a client feel more confident, to feel beautiful on a bad day, and to commemorate a memory unlike anything else. Your collection provides them with something they want that they can’t get anywhere else! Step up to the challenge and show up to serve your customer base!


The Reality of Sales


Here’s what I found when I started taking small steps to conquer my fear of selling and to get my jewelry to my dream client. People are really nice! Buyers, customers and store owners were all so kind even when they were telling me no.


Most of the time I didn’t even hear a “no.” It was a “come back next season” or “it’s not a good fit right now but please keep in touch.” The people you are selling to know that they need products and designers to meet their goals. So they will be professional and kind during the selling process. It really isn’t scary at all!


I have so much more to tell you, but you’ll have to listen to the episode because…..




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xo, Tracy