#56 How to Harmonize Your Workflow with Melissa Kaiserman

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The most successful jewelry businesses are born out of what we love to do.

Right? I am sure you can relate.

So what would it take to grow your business in alignment with your dreams?

When I started Tracy Matthews Designs, I was working full time at Nordstrom and jewelry was a side hustle for me.

Even though I had big dreams, I didn’t realize “what it was going to take” to grow a business to nearly 7-figures and set it up in a way that I could easily ship thousands of units on big months to stores.

I took the leap: quit my job, rented a studio and a few months in I hired my first “helper.”

Scary? You bet!

But for some reason I had the confidence to take the next steps.

I soaked up everything I could and created a schedule and a workflow that worked for me because it created structure in my day and in my business.

The reason I’m telling you this is because it’s the same story that I hear from the majority of designers in our community.

We have so many talented designers who start designing jewelry as a hobby or a supplemental income…only to find out that their designs are in demand… Holla!

When Robin and I are asked what the best first step between a hobby and a business is we always have the same answer…

…create some structure folks!

I am really happy to have Melissa Kaiserman of Makery Space on the podcast today.

Melissa started her crafting business as a hobby, which morphed into a part time endeavor, which then turned into a full time job.

And she’s been so successful because she’s a master at creating structure to harmonize her workflow.

Melissa is a self proclaimed lover of all things thinking, researching, analyzing and explaining.

And today she’s talking about how to translate those things into your business as well.

Without further ado!

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Recognize Your Need for Structure

The key to rocking at creating structure in your workflow is being able to discern where you need it. You may have started designing as a hobby, or with a small Etsy shop. And then the growth starts.

Growth is when most designers begin to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about their ability to run a business. But it’s something to celebrate!

Think Ahead

Melissa tells a great story on the episode about a popular blogger who unbeknownst to her, featured her product on her blog. The result was a huge influx of sales, but a customer service nightmare because she didn’t have the systems in place to keep up with all of the orders.

You’ve got to be thinking ahead and anticipating growth, even if you’re just starting out so that you aren’t caught in that some position! Think through your processes and how you can structure them so that you can avoid the headache later.

Set Aside the Excuses

Creating structure in your business can seem daunting. You’re creative right? But if you want to grow, you have to do it.

If you think you work better in chaos because you are right brained, that’s just not true! –

No one works better in mess and chaos. Your creativity will be freed up when you know that you have all the materials you need, when your workspace is organized and when your orders are batched.

I am speaking from experience here!

Melissa gives so many other awesome tips for which systems to start with and how to create them on the episode.

And we have a special offer just for you today!

Melissa has created a course called Systematize Your Made to Order Workflow.

The course is specifically for designers who create custom orders or one of a kind creations, and walks you through how to create systems in your business.

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You’ll definitely want to check it out!

xo, Tracy

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