#57 Blogging Tips for Increasing Website Traffic

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Orlando Bloom…Felix the Cat…Lucky Magazine.


Kinda Random topics for a jewelry blog…but they were the topics I chose during my first month blogging back in 2008.


Like many of you who are new to blogging, I wasn’t really sure what to write about so I ended up writing about a bunch of random stuff with no strategy behind it. .


But my biggest mistake wasn’t even my eclectic yoga/jewelry/lifestyle topics…


…it was not leveraging my blog to drive traffic to my website.



Nor was my blog connected to my website (um, hello, I was missing out on a ton of SEO and organic traffic to my site).


And I see designers like YOU make the same mistake ALL of the time.


I read through the first 10 posts on my first blog to count how many of them pointed readers to my website.


Guess how many….




One post out of my first 10 moved my readers on to the next step in the sales cycle.


But…(thank goodness) I’ve come along way since then.


I started a brand new blog (that was connected to my website) when I opened my new jewelry biz.


One of my early posts was about rose cut diamonds.


That post alone drives so much traffic to my website! And I recently designed an engagement ring for a client who googled “ Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring NYC” so this blogging thing really works.


My blog is generating income for my business…


…and that is the end goal for all of us.


And on today’s episode I am going to teach you how use your blog to increase traffic to your website.


So let’s get to work!


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Consistent Posting Is Everything


Consistently posting on your blog is the single most important part of blogging. Why? Because even if you write the best blog post in the world, search engines will not bump it to the first (or second) page of results if your blog isn’t current and being updated on a regular basis.


Also, consistent posting builds your know, like and trust factor with your readers. This is what converts them from readers into buyers in time.


Write Posts That Teach


One of my favorite ways to use my blog to point to my website is to write posts that teach the reader how to do something.


I had an opt in on my website at one point that taught people how to care for their jewelry. The corresponding blog post was a tutorial about storing and maintaining jewelry to help it last. Since I knew people were already googling this topic all the time, I wanted my blog post to pop up in their Google search so they landed on my website.


Show Off Your Social Proof


This is a really amazing topic for a blog post if you’re stuck on where to start. Feature happy clients! Share their testimonial, write about how you worked together, and post pictures of their finished piece of jewelry.


Sharing client stories is an excellent way to create social proof for your brand and point curious potential clients to your website.


Listen to today’s episode in full for more – practical tips that you can implement today to create a blog that is a traffic driving machine.


And, if you have a blog, post a link to your blog in the comments so that we can all stop by and see what you’re working on!


I’ll see you on your blog!


xo, Tracy


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