#63 Memorable Moments and Takeaways from F&TA Live 2016

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Your life (or your business) can change in a single moment.


Or in the case of our Flourish & Thrive LIVE event last month…two days worth of moments.


I finally feel like my feet are back on the ground after hosting 85 designers and industry experts here in NYC…


…but I’ll never forget my biggest takeaways from spending two fully inspiring days immersed in our community.


On today’s podcast episode I am sharing my 9 biggest takeaways from Flourish & Thrive LIVE.


The Event was a “game-changer” for many designers. Several were so inspired that they decided to join us for our Mastermind Intensive in 2017.


It’s moments like these that change you and create the container for your business to elevate to the next level of success.


We wanted give you a taste of what it was like….


Even you weren’t able to be a part of it, there is so much that you can learn from our special moments at the event.


So let’s jump right in.


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Take a Risk


Success is born out of taking a risk. Now…each of our risks will be different in size and scope. Yours could be huge like closing one business to start another or smaller in nature like transferring to an online CRM. Either way, risk is the gateway to moving your business forward.


In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, the biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking a risk.


What’s Your One Word?


At the end of our second day I asked the designers attending the event to think of one word to describe how they felt in that moment. The word that I ended the event with was connection, and here’s why. I got to witness super shy, introverted designers step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in community. –


The connection between the speakers on our panel and the designers in the audience was inspiring, and I watched business industry influencers work with our F&TA community members in an awesome way.


Share Your Story


Here’s what I want to say about sharing your story…practice makes perfect! Remember that your story matters.


Regardless of whether it’s some profound life changing experience that got you into jewelry design or something as simple as working with your hands was a meditative practice for you, your story matters and you really should be using that in order to sell jewelry and to attract your dream clients.


I share 12 of my top takeaways from the event on the episode, and I really think they’ll be as life changing for you as they were for me!


And if you’re wishing you had been involved in the event, you still have a chance!


Our Virtual Event Pass is on sale now and you’ll get access to all of the recordings, slides and handouts from the speakers at the event.


Click here to check out the Virtual Pass and get inspired!


xo, Tracy


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