#82 Top Questions From the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Answered

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, How are other jewelry designers running their business?


Do you wish you could peek over the shoulder of a super successful six-figure designer and get a glimpse of how they’re getting sales and exposure?


Our Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp just ended. We helped over 4,000 designers in our bootcamp group get a peek at what it takes to have a booming jewelry business!


You may have missed it, but in this episode I’m excited to say we’ve compiled all the burning questions asked by the bootcampers.


They had some good ones!


Oh boy, do we have some straight talk for you from a six-figure designer…me!


That’s right. Along with the work I do for Flourish & Thrive Academy, I’m a jewelry designer just like you.


I’ve been through all the ups and downs. I’ve asked these same questions.


Which is why I can’t wait to share with you the Top Questions From the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Answered!


Let’s hear what they had to say!

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Getting Specific about Who You’re Selling To


There were so many “aha” moments in this bootcamp. By far, the one popping up again and again was realizing who you should be selling to.


We have a special name for this, your Dream Client. You may have heard it called “target market”. Taking this further and more specific is an incredible way to get super effective in your marketing efforts.


Focusing on the Right Stuff


Letting little things get in your way and eat up your time will make you feel stuck. With Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and email you have endless opportunities to go down a rabbit hole.


It is absolutely possible to propel yourself forward in your business! Taking action on things that make money and get your brand out there is a surefire way to get traction.


Find out how in this episode!


Solving the Pricing Puzzle


Building a sustainable business around your jewelry brand is possible. By changing your mindset about your role in the business, you can get yourself out of maker mindset.


Depending on your business, labor rates and material costs are going to be different so we actually have a pricing cheat sheet to give you an idea of where you should start.


This bootcamp brought to light a lot of questions that can be lingering in the back of your mind.


More questions around manufacturing, sourcing, writing, sales, cash flow, traffic, and more are answered on the episode.


Often times when we can’t figure something out, we move on to the next thing. Tackling a few of these nagging questions will help you feel focused and confident in your business.


xo, Tracy


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