10 Areas to Reevaluate in Your Jewelry Business to Attract Your DREAM Clients

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No matter where you are in business, there are always times where you feel stuck.

Your message isn't connecting.

Sales are starting to slump.

Over our years in business, Robin and I can attribute this feeling to one thing.

How well we are connecting with our Dream Clients.

Truth is, we each have had our own successes…and “failures”

Things don't always go according to plan, and that's okay!

It means it's time to dive into improvement mode. Which means not only evaluating your businesses, but how your business fits into your life.

So I'm giving you a rundown of what you can do to solve your biz problems: Attract your Dream Clients!

10 Areas to Reevaluate in Your Jewelry Business to Attract Your DREAM Clients

1. How happy was I this year? How do I feel now about my jewelry business NOW?

2. What worked really well and what did I love spending my time on?

3. What did not work well and what did I dislike spending time on?

4. At the end of the year, how close was I to the intentions that I set at the beginning?

5. What do I know I want to change this year?

6. Was I creating cohesive collections? Were they selling? Do I like the direction of my collection?

7. Was I happy with the growth I experienced? Consider the number of your clients, accounts, sales, income level, etc.

8. Was my health affected by the way I approached my work? Did I get sick often? Was my stress level out of balance?

9. How did all of the facets of my business work together and was I happy with how they meshed together? Consider your team, marketing, website, client outreach, customer service, etc.

10. Was I attracting my DREAM clients? These are the clients who continue to come back for more, who are your raving fans, and who will buy anything you design.

After you consider all of these questions, we have one final question for you:

What do I want to Manifest moving forward and how do you want to feel?

We really believe it’s important to evaluate where you are now in order to create what you want in the future.

Now it’s your turn! Take a moment (or several) to answer these questions for yourself. When you become clear on what worked (and especially what didn’t) you can set yourself up for success!

We want to hear from you. In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. List one thing that worked really well last year and one thing that didn’t work so well.

2. Tell us one thing you want to manifest going forward.

In the meantime, make sure you pop over here to grab our Manifest Your Jewelry Business Strategy Training and Workbook.

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