10 Ways to Use Video Marketing in Your Jewelry Business

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Think about your favorite accessories. Maybe it’s that copper bracelet that pops against your white sweater, those turquoise earrings that show off your natural tones, or that white gold and emerald ring that dances in the sunlight.

Few things stand out like a radiant piece of jewelry. In fact, I’d argue nothing does. (I might be a little biased). But, even the most ingenious designers can struggle to stand out amidst the endless online competition.

In the world of online attention getting, video marketing is the radiant piece of jewelry. Video marketing for jewelry is truly versatile, and it has a number of strengths other marketing formats lack. And the best part? You can utilize it in a number of ways.

What is video marketing and why is it important?

Have you been scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across a video from your favorite brand, promoting a new product? Or how about a video testimonial on a homepage that influenced you into buying something?

Video marketing has many forms, two of the above scenarios being prime examples. Video marketing is essentially any video that serves to promote a company, whether directly or indirectly. 

In many cases, video marketing is direct, like the promotional video on a social feed. But video marketing is also subtle, like in the case of a “How to” piece that just happens to be made by a brand you follow. The versatility of video marketing is exactly one of the key reasons video marketing is so important. Unlike advertising, which requires a consistent cash flow to keep running, video marketing can live on the internet and drive valuable traffic over a long period of time—with zero additional funding needed.

Video marketing for small businesses is also a must if you want to reach a wider audience. In fact, 85% of internet users within the US alone consume video content online. By making video marketing content, you’re going where your potential audience is.

Video marketing’s also essential when it comes to standing out and staying competitive. As of 202, 86% of businesses are taking advantage of video marketing. There’s a good chance your competitors are creating video already. If you’re not, you’re falling behind. And in the off chance your competitors aren’t making video, you’re putting yourself ahead by starting now.

10 ways to utilize video marketing

I’ve touched on the versatility of video marketing, but this is only scratching it’s gem-encrusted surface. Video marketing is like the perfect piece of jewelry in that it can complement almost anything. Here are some of the most common ways to utilize video marketing.

  1. On your website: Your website is the perfect spot for the right videos. For example, a general video on your company’s approach to design and craftsmanship is right at home on your front page. And, when uploaded via YouTube, you can repurpose this video elsewhere.
  2. Social media: Video marketing for social media is a great way to reach your fans where they hang out. Social media video marketing is often more organic than on your site, and requires a video that’s more personal and fun. Think: a video from you, talking about your day and showing off a new piece.
  3. Email: Video marketing in emails is a powerful way to add value to your content. Instead of plugging a link to your home page, embed a video that showcases a new product or delivers a message from you or someone on your team. Then, end with a strong CTA that takes them to your site.
  4. Testimonials: Who better to tell people about your great jewelry than happy customers? Video testimonials give your shoppers the chance to promote your brand while costing you very little to make. And, 66% of people are more likely to purchase after seeing a positive video testimonial.
  5. Campaign videos: Virtually every marketing campaign stands to gain from videos. Make your next campaign even more effective by adding video into the mix. Video will fit nicely into your email marketing efforts, plug into social with ease, and again, fit in just fine on your site. In other words, video marketing can really tie the proverbial room together.
  6. Behind the scenes: Give your viewers a look behind the scenes using video. With a behind the scenes video, you can create quality social content that showcases your creation process and helps give your brand even more of a voice.
  7. Messages from your team: Speaking of voice, give your brand a chance to speak, whether it’s the holidays or simply a Wednesday. Direct messages from your team, be it the founder or someone in charge of shipping, are a great way to humanize your brand and put a face to the company.
  8. Product videos: Product videos are another great form of marketing, allowing your jewelry to shine on the “silver” screen. Create videos that highlight your latest pieces, showcasing the quality and uniqueness. Then, plug these videos on your social pages, insert them into emails, and of course, include them on your product page.
  9. Teasers: Get your audience talking by teasing new pieces you’re working on. Create videos in which you discuss a new piece, show a tiny glimpse of it, and leave your audience wanting more. And, if possible, include a release date for the new piece at the end of the video. (Just be sure you stick to that date!)
  10. Live video: Most social platforms offer live video now, making live video marketing a total possibility for any brand. Use live video to engage with your audience, hold conversations, and indirectly promote your brand. Be sure to promote your live video session ahead of time to maximize viewership!

The above are only a sampling of the many ways in which you can use video marketing. Like your jewelry, you can make video marketing all your own and find new and unique ways to use this powerful tool.

7 quick tips for starting video marketing

Video marketing sounds pretty great, right? But, isn’t video hard to make? Fortunately, it’s not! Sure, there was a time when video creation was best left to the professionals. Now, virtually anyone can make high-quality videos with virtually no experience and no costly equipment. With these tips you’ll be well on your way to making powerful video marketing.

Write everything down

You’re not creating a blockbuster production, but you still want your thoughts organized and concise. Draft an outline of what it is you want to say. You don’t need to have things down word-for-word in most cases, as this will lead to a wooden performance. But, write down some general talking points.

Writing things down also allows you to step back and view the entire story you’re telling before spending any time on filming. This means you can tackle any glaring issues before you’ve filmed half of the video, and simply edit the writing. (You’ll also get a nice idea of how long your video will be by writing it down, which prevents it from becoming a ten-minute epic when it should only be 30 seconds.)

Start with what you know

Video is powerful and attention-getting, but the content of the video needs to be great as well. Stick to what you know, especially in the beginning, to ensure you’re speaking from the heart and covering what you’re comfortable with.

As you gain experience, you can start to venture out and research new niches or topics. But until then, create videos that are in your wheelhouse and cover your products or techniques.

Use a quality camera

Again, you’re not making the next blockbuster epic (or are you?), but you still want a video that looks professional. Make sure you’re using a camera that records in 1080p, or high definition. Many major smartphones are capable of this, so it’s possible you don’t even need a separate camera.

Also, no matter the device you’re using to record, use a tripod. Phones can take great videos that are perfectly suited for social media or YouTube, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with shaky footage!

Set the stage

If you’re creating an animated video you won’t need to worry about your setting. But, if you’re making a live-action recording, you’ll want a clean background or a screen to add in a digital background after the recording.

If you’re not using any kind of green screen, pick a setting that’s well-lit (studio lights are really cheap and go a long way) and clean. Consider adding in some props that speak to your brand. If you’re in the southwest, a nicely potted cactus in the corner is a great touch. Are you on the coast? Maybe you want a nice soft blue backdrop with some shells on the table next to you.

Frequently review the recording for problems

There are few feelings worse than reviewing your complete recording and realizing there are sound issues throughout. This is exactly why it’s important you stop and review the footage as you shoot it.

Break your production up into multiple pieces and record several lines. Then, stop and review the footage for any kind of background noise or irregularities. If you’re noticing background noise, try soundproofing your room as best as possible.

Work on your presence

You don’t have to be a classically-trained actor to crush it in front of the camera. Instead, keep these few things in mind before you start recording:

  • Maintain great posture while recording. Don’t be rigid, but don’t slouch either. Sit straight up and exude confidence!
  • On the note of confidence, be sure you’re speaking with it, too. Talk a little slower than you normally do, speak loudly, and avoid filler words like “uhh” or “umm.”
  • Pause at natural stopping points while recording to make your editing task easier. If you’re talking constantly you won’t have a natural break to edit in a better take.
  • When you’re reviewing your footage and checking for sound issues, check your presence as well. If you notice you’re doing something weird with your hands (we all do, it’s okay) fix it.

Most of all, be yourself. You know your business better than anyone, so own it!

Use the right editing tools

The right editing tools can make almost any footage look totally professional. There are a wide variety of editing tools out there, some free, some incredibly expensive. Review your options and find a tool that works for you. Unless you have experience with editing, you’ll want a tool that prioritizes the user interface and overall usability (support is a good one, too).

Make your marketing shine with the ultimate guide

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can help your audience see your jewelry for the shining piece of art it is. But, video marketing is only one piece of the puzzle. There’s still email, social media, print, and so much more.

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