#291 3 of My Favorite Strategies to Turn Offline Customers into Online Buyers

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Lately, I’ve been getting tons of questions from designers about how to “crack the code” and get more sales online…

If you’ve been a part of the #ThriveTribe for a while now, you can probably guess the first thing I’m going to recommend: grassroots marketing

It’s one of my favorite strategies, and a vastly underrated one, at that.

Most people tend to associate the term “grassroots marketing” with political or social campaigns, and they totally miss out on the golden opportunity it presents for their own businesses.

Grassroots marketing simply means leveraging the niche network you already have… but doing it strategically.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite grassroots marketing strategies for jewelry and creative product designers.

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Host an Exclusive Event Just for Friends and Family

Let’s start with the basis of your grassroots network: friends and family.

No matter where you’re at in business, everyone starts with a close network of people who want to see you succeed. 

So why not host a virtual trunk show, just for them?

It’s a great way to dip your toes into the world of virtual trunk shows and help your family and friends get an idea of what you have to offer.

Plus, it can be a super fun way to celebrate your business and make your network feel special. 

Create A Follow-Up System for Previous Customers

If you’re not following up with past buyers, you’re pretty much leaving money on the table, m’dear.

This may be the most common missed opportunity I see when designers are getting their brand off the ground.

In case you haven’t already, create a follow-up system to keep in contact with customers after they purchase.

This is best done through an email nurture sequence. At the very least, you should follow up one week after they receive their order and six months after.

Expand Your Audience with Brand Ambassadors

An ambassador program is an incredible way to leverage your network and expand your audience. 

Through the program, your die-hard customers can earn rewards and perks for getting more people to buy from you.

The best ambassadors are people who already know and love your brand.

Provide them with training, a unique discount code, and an incentive to sell your products. It’s really that simple.

To take a closer look at grassroots marketing, listen to the full episode above!

xo, Tracy


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