#132 How to Stop Attracting Bargain Shoppers

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Want to turn your passion for jewelry design into a “real” career?

Not sure where to start?

The best way to grow your business is to get the right customers!

On today’s episode I’m chatting about how to stop attracting bargain shoppers!

These tips will help you attract the right clients, so you’re earning the money your jewelry deserves!

I also have a super special guest joining me today, Ana Maria Andricain from Jewel of Havana!

Ana is one of our Diamond Insider coaches and was even in a few broadway shows such a Beauty and the Beast! How fun is that??

Trust me Ana has got a ton of great insights on this topic, so join us now!

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Everyone is Not Your Customer

As a designer you’ve probably had someone say “this is too expensive.” That’s okay! Keep in mind, people who say that might not be your Dream Client.

Not everyone who comes across your designs will be a good fit, but don’t be too quick to dismiss what they say. Ana Maria has a great story about what can happen when you handle an objection like that the right way! (hint: she made a lot of money)

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Okay I get it. Sometimes it can be so awkward trying to ask someone for their email or contact info. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, the worst thing that can happen is they say no. That’s it! When you think about it, that’s really not so bad.

Getting a “no” now might just mean, “not right now” because you never know when something is going to change. Be consistent with your asking and don’t forget to follow up!

Create a Special Experience

Let’s be real here, there’s no way to compete on price with places like Amazon or Target. They will always have the cheapest stuff. So creating a special experience is key to attracting the right customers! Always talk value! Yes your stuff is more expensive, but it’s not about price it’s about value!

A great way to stop attracting bargain shoppers is by reminding clients what makes your designs special. Maybe your stuff is one of a kind or super highly quality. Let customers know they’ll get so much more by choosing you over a bargain price.

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